Rakul Preet shares her special equation with stylist Neeraja Kona

Rakul Preet
Rakul Preet

Rakul Preet has shared her special equation with stylist Neeraja Kona, who has also worked on costumes for Vijay in Vijay 61.

In fact, it was Neeraja who helped Rakul land her recent lead heroine role in the Telugu film ‘Ra Randoi Veduka Chudam’.
“My stylist Neeraja came to me one day and said director Kalyan narrated her a script and that she couldn’t imagine anyone else in the ‘Bhramarambha’ character other than me. She told only two scenes to me and then I reached out to Kalyan, who was initially skeptical since I have not done this role before. I have played village-based roles, but this one is an out-and-out village belle character, which is new to me,” said Rakul Preet.


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