Rajini donates 50000 to AIDS Kids


Super Star Rajinikanth donated a hefty sum of Rs. 50,000 to the relief of children suffering from the deadly disease of AIDS.

Rajinikanth the man with a golden charm is also known for his golden heart. He recently donated lamps to adorn the “Girivalam” path for the Thiruvannamalai temple even though his offer was later rejected.

It is also known that earlier Kamal Hassan had offered his support to the much needed AIDS victims as he decided to endorse brands through TV advertisements. Kamal also made it clear that all revenues will exclusively be donated for those affected with the disease.

We honestly feel that both stalwarts have set a great example by taking the initiative to come forward and offer such huge donations, and bringing the much needed ‘little change’ in the lives of those suffering.

Hope others too take inspiration from this noble act and come forward with their contributions for the cause.


  1. Dey, 

    Will you be able to give 50 Rs at least to others..

    To give 50K, he must have got some good heart…How many rich men are ready to spend the money for social well fare…

    Even a millionaire will not spend money to others…at least Rajini n Kamal does…

    Mind it…

  2. he makes 43 crores per movie and fools people wih this…he can rather give endorsements like kamal that will bring crores and crores to help the needy and poor…people might ask why he should help others – he created a brand value and claims that he is offering 200crores in sivaji………his ashram school hardly did admit kids of his fans….he is a selfish bastard

  3. it just a money they spend for a day lots of celibrity spending there money for lots of good thing this 50000 is not a big deal for him if he did live 5 crore that can make a news.he is making 50 crore in one movie it means he spent not even a percent from that.what he is going to do with that mone after deth.can he buy his life with that money?come on media try to put some thing usefull news for the public not like this bulshit porikadala mater. anmigathin peiril oorai yemathum poriki avan avanuku oru vilambarama vera yeadhavadhu velai irundha paruga.

  4. In India, rich people are not donating much, when compared to other countries. For example., In USA, most of the  flim stars, sport star, business men etc they are donating so much.

  5. Halo

    50 K is not HEFTY money … atleast for rajini,..

    please change the wordings

    as others said he can donate 5 crore ,then  its a news ,this is bullshit news

  6. pavam, ivlo periya amount kuduthutu rajini nalaiku pichai eduka poran… kodi kodiya panam vachukitu pichakara thanama kudukran…

  7. day pundai avan kasu avan kodukaran nee yaru da give that much of money or this much of money sollurathku….pundai mudala nee oru rs 5 kududa…..naya un pockutula irrunthu ouru paisa kodakatha nayee nee pasuriya..

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  9. he could have done a short flim regarding AIDS.who needs his money…….this is the right way to approach society…use u r popularity to create awareness…..whoo needs u r money .

  10. ellam nee thanda, avan rasigana nee , ivlo kevalama pesra;
    un karuthai sariya sollanum; keezha tharama pesra,nee ellam pesadhae;

    ppl have their opinions, if u like support him, dont blame the crititcs,
    ungala maari aaal irundha India enga poga podhu,;
    neenga etha venumnaalum adagu kadaila vaipinga

  11. u dunno how the kids suffer without proper medical care.. thats what the money will be used for.. no use in doing short films cos those who want to go in the wrong way will do that no matter how much awareness is created!!

  12. tamil ppl always expect alot from their movie stars.. donate Rs50000 also they complain.. but wonder why they do expect the same from the politicians who rule them!!

  13. govt collects large amount of taxes and also allocates money for these acts…they also get funding frm various sources……how do u think this amount will save kids????awarness means not educate abt aids alone…he should speak for those kids…insists other people to care for the kids and make people realize the world of innocence suffering bcas of sm others sins…even i thought bad abt Surya in his VIDAI initiative….after seeing the program i could see lot more people have donated money for the studies of poor which was much more than Surya..he has created awareness….these type of acts would change the minds of people…atha vittu etho oru 50000 thanuthu atha news vara mathri panrathu enna visesam????

  14. ya man u r right..getting in to his school needs lot of money…wht to do its his wife s school….veetula eli vellila puli………always these flims stars act better in real than in films

  15. Hey Tough Girl Usha That is Spot On. Evlau kuduthan engrathu mattum illa yaarku kuduthan engrathu mugyam. Eana Rajnik’s action can be a catalyst.


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