Radhika seeks open apology from Vishal


Radhika Sarathkumar has demanded an open apology from Vishal and team for alleging Sarathkumar with ‘scams’ without any proper proof. She termed their campaign as baseless and condemned their virulent comments about Sarathkumar and other senior members in the union.

“The financial irregularity complaints against the incumbent team are totally baseless and without any evidence to corroborate. They need to send an open apology to the officer bearers of the union. Or else, we will take things head on and this matter very seriously,” said Radhika.

An emotionally charged Sarathkumar said, “I have not done any wrong. The allegations against me are really hurting. Campaigning hard should not mean passing detracting remarks on the opponent. I also urge my team to avoid doing such things,” said Sarathkumar.


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