Parthibans ex wife Seetha marries Sathish Hindi TV Actor


Actress Seetha entered the wedlock for the second time. Seetha tied the knot with her longtime beau and TV actor Sathish at a private ceremony in Chennai, which was attended by her parents and relatives.

Seetha and Satish have been living together for a long time, and they got married at Seetha’s residence in Saligramam in their presence of parents.

The actress, who married actor-director Parthiban, more than a decade ago, got divorce following difference of opinion. From then, she has been concentrating on her acting career again, by playing pivotal roles in television serials.

A Family photo captured a decade ago

The couple Seetha-Parthiban have two daughters Abhinaya, Keerthana and an adopted son Radhakrishna. The elder daughter Abhinaya is living with Seetha while the youngest one Keerthana and son Radhakrishna are living with Parthiban.

Close circles say, “The initial friendship turned into love and duo decided to take the relationship to life-time bond.With the blessings of elders, they are a happy couple now.”

Says Seetha on her second marriage, “I am happy about my life. Sathish is a gentleman who understands me and cares for me a lot. A woman should be in the company of a man in her life for many reasons. Sathish is a nice companion.”


  1. Her youngest daughter Keerthana is doing B.Sc Viscom ..She is getting married now..

    Where our culture goes..?

  2. What has culture got to do with seeking a life partner? She is a woman and its best that she is protected by a legal husband.  

  3. <span><span>

    Hello Purplepeacock,

    If she is a genuine lady..we can support her.  But she was the prositute and was involved in brothel business..revealed by her fellow actress Bhuvaneshwari

    "When Actress Bhuvaneswari was recently arrested by Chennai for prostitution case she had given the detailed list of top Kollywood and Tollywood actress who involved with her in the same brothel business."

    <p>he following are the list given by Bhuvaneshwari  who involved in the Sex Trade :
    </p><p>1. Anju
    2. Manjula Vijayakumar
    3. Seetha
    4. Namitha
    5. Nalini
    Check the Image</p></span></span>

  4. CulterloveR@-  Did ur culture teach u to pin point at the mistakes of others? And the media ppl love to write and say things that are never true.  Anyway, i totally dont und why u ppl are so interested in her personal life when the man who married her has made her his wife out of his own will and liking?

  5. <p>Hello PurplePeacock,
    </p><p><span>"My culture did not teach me to sleep with one person each day".</span>
    </p><p><span>you might be so broad minded to accpet the fact. but we are not..</span>

  6. Well that is our society. if a woman marries for a second time then the whole society comes running behind saying that she is a blackmark for the surrounding and stuffs. If a man marries for the 2nd time then the same society will wish him good luck and be by his side.
    2weeks back Prakash Raj married for the second time and many of them wished him good luck and today the same ppl are illtreating her.. Let her get married how many ever times she wants.. we are not gonna be affected by it nor is she gonna feel if we speak bad abt her.. So why waste time on news like this.. 

  7. Culturelover@- what did i ask and what did u reply? Proves what u r 😉  Her marriage has got nth to do w ur posts. Poor thing…grow up, immature one!

  8. you are soooo right!!!! boys and girls should be treated same…they are equal…soo therefore..i wish seetha all the best for her married life

  9. hey culturelover.. can u please give me the list of dos and donts of our culture.. really interested to know.. and also how many other mama families in tamilnadu alone.. it seems u r good at these statistics!!

  10. All these people including prakash raj, seetha, prabhudeva, and nayanthara are complete idiots who are destroying our esteemed culture.

  11. These people are highly visible, thats why these are coming in news. But so many things going on in India for long time including in our cultural police homes. So take it easy and mind your own business.

  12. there is no culture
    india is 2 d largest conuntry in AIDS
    summa culture cilture nu solrathu ellam dubakure
    sex allover india and there is no culture in india
    all u people are innocent and u dont knw the real fact

  13. if u ask me, personally i think people like prabhu deva and nayanthara are a disgrace and a insult to our culture. but these people are perfectly fine. say for example if u have an abusive and a drukard violent husbans, would any girl live with him??? divorce and finding a suitable life partner  is the best choice….BUT PRABHU DEVA AND NAYANTHARA ARE TOTAL DISGRACE. G OEAT MY SHIT AND SUCK MY FUCKING DICK

  14. CultureLover! <span>can you stop talkin abt other ppl's family? u must be so sick in ur mind to talk like this!<span>can you stop talkin abt other ppl's family? u must be so sick in ur mind to talk like this!</span></span>
    <span><span>did ur culture teach u to gossip abt other's family, wife and daughter? it's evident that u r definitely not a cultured person!</span></span>

  15. <span>CultureLover! <span>can you stop talkin abt other ppl's family? u must be so sick in ur mind to talk like this! <span>can you stop talkin abt other ppl's family? u must be so sick in ur mind to talk like this!</span></span>  
    <span><span>did ur culture teach u to gossip abt other's family, wife and daughter? it's evident that u r definitely not a cultured person!</span></span></span>

  16. <span><span>CultureLover! <span>can you stop talkin abt other ppl's family? u must be so sick in ur mind to talk like this!</span></span></span>
    <span><span>did ur culture teach u to gossip abt other's family, wife and daughter? it's evident that u r definitely not a cultured person!</span></span></span></span>

  17. Purplepeacock — What a kind of man you are..? Will you support if ur father n mother r separated and getting married at the age of 45…again…

    You may support…Your comment shows ur family value

  18. Anty seetha,,,,i think you have frustrated a lot, but second marriage is not an option to complete a life after 40. you should have thought of Abinaya,,,,,I am very sorry to tell you,,,,i didn't expect your character like this,, i kept you in my mind that you are the decent homely actresss……god should bless you……

  19. Right said hope he is not exactly a culturelover he's a gossip lover that's wht he is more interested in gossipping abt others and particuarly spoiling others wishes and characters…

  20. <span>Omg so much people against me, let me bet you each one of you who commented  against me will not be from Tamil nadu, you people are spoiled nuts of westernization, where these things are very much common, nothing to blame you. </span>

  21. Culturelover@- Nutty, family values has got nth to do w re-marriages. So what if she is 40 or 45?? She is not keeping someone, she righfully MARRIED someone. Do u see that??..MARRIED! And if someone is divorced or the other half passes away, u expect the person to be a loner and die as a loner?? Its a pity that some nut cases like u view marriage as an outlet for physical relations. Marriage is more that that. Marriage is all abt caring and sharing. After a certain point of time in life, ppl start feeling lonely if they do not have an other half. They need someone to talk to, someone to share their feelings with..someone to confide in the most personal of issues. Such things can be done only with a husband or a wife. If this comment or the comments before this shows my family m more than happy. THANK U! Ur comment jolly well shows how SELFISH U R and how u will treat ur mom or dad if their other half is no more. U think only young ppl have the right to live?? OH PLEASE! wake up!

  22. Purplepeacok,<span> "She is not keeping someone, she righfully MARRIED someone. Do u see that??..MARRIED!" – Did u see she was not keeping him or somebody else.</span>

    They had been living together for few years, i.e illicit relationship, but she used to refuse or hide her relation with that guy..

    At last she married with the guy, God knows what would be the eason

  23. Lol! I typed a whole lot of reason for marriage and look at what u did…quote out smth that U CLD COMMENT ON. By now, everyone who reads the comments will know what u r 😉  I was talking abt her marriage w Satish..and what was ur 2nd sentence abt?? LOL!! Oh poor thing….

  24. Satheesh is not a hindi TV actor, he acted with seetha in Velan tamil serial. My friends used to live where satheesh used to live told me he had a good family oriented wife with 2 Kids and satheesh is the one who cheated on his wife and destroyed partheeban seetha family by standing every day infront of seetha's old house in Alwar thirunagar to get in to seetha's life, in the process he acted like a gentleman and created rift in Seetha Parthiban's life. Once Parthiban is gone from her life and her childrens also walked out with parthiban and she bacame alone and he used it in his favor. Satheesh wife left him and working as a single mom to raise her kids and she almost did it by putting one of her son in a prestigious engineering college and the thier second son is doing really well in studies and sports. At one point seetha tried to patch up with parthiban but satheesh played well to keep them apart. When seetha's name was involved with prostitution scandal her parents suggested her to get married to satheesh to shield from the bad publicity and that is why all this marriage drama. I also heard satheesh did'n get the divorce from his wife and seetha knows the complications getting married to a married man and he left his wife for long with no communication may be both are testing the waters before swim.

  25. <span> <span>I am  a very practical  person from Madurai where second marriages are "third grade activities" that too when your daughter is about too marry. If a guy from my city pin points that i am wrong, i accept my defeat, not people from outside who belive money takes priority over social respect.</span></span>

    Good Night..

  26. Lord Murugan-Valli-deivanai,
    Lord Krishna-bama-rukmani-radha,
    Chief minister Karunanithi,
    MGR – Jayalalitha,
    Gemini ganesan – savithri ,
    Manjula- vijayakumar,
    Kamal – Gowthami,
    Sridevi – Boni kapoor

    Ivunga ellarum ore vishayatha than panni irukanga.. then y partiality.. ivunga ellam namma culture illaya… otherwise ivunga irunthapo namaku culturey illaya..

    Dont be hypocrats.. ooruku ubathesam panratha niruthunga.. dont take decisions for others.. first take care ur own life and your own pre-judice.. atuku appuram aduthavanga aaniya pudunga pogalam.. avunga panrathu thappu ninacha neenga atha pannama irunga.. pothum.. atha vitutu avungala judge panni theerpu solla namma yaarum naatamai illa.. avunga avunga kashtam ishtam ellam avungaluku theriyum.. adutha veetukulla etti parkura palakatha mothalla vidunga.. chumma theerupu sollitey iruka vendiyathu.. moolai valarchiyoda vaala kathukonga..

  27. hey u.. 'tamilan da'.. parthiban innoru kalyanam panna kulanthaingaluku (new)amma-appa rendu perum kidaipanga..  happy-a than irupanga.. nadu theruvula onnum nikka matanga

  28. I read all the comments, do agree with some of them. It's good to know everyone's views on Seetha's second marriage, our culture and prostitution.. So much info i got reading this one single news… I feel these famous people have different lifestyle and culture, which common people dont have or should not follow. In my family/friends/known circle, its very difficult to find such cases. I have heard of only one such case where a married lady having 3 kids, eloped with a guy 10 years younger than her. The lady in question used to live in the same building society as ours. Ours is a middle class family, one such instance was shocking for one and all in the community where we live. But this does not mean that everyone is doing this…this is just a one-off case… I think that lady might have been influenced from some tv serials/movies which depict such kind of illicit affair and stuff. Better stop serials which promote such things.

  29. Oh wow! From all the degrading reasons u gave, now comes in money…man…seriously, get urself checked with a gd psychiatrist. What has money got to do w 2nd marriage and my comments?? And pls do not call urself practical. So, ur so-called social respect depends on actresses re-marriages and u leaving degrading comments?? Very practical indeed! I had a very gd opinion of Madurai..and now that i see someone like u is from there…hmmm..i wonder..i wonder..

    There is a user called Rajesh who left a comment…doesnt that sounds like a guy name to u?? Why do u have to specifically look at a guy from ur city?? So that shows how narrow-minded u r. What did u think? That the entire earth is made up of Madurai ONLY?? The name Rajesh sounds like a perfect indian name to me. So, if he being an Indian cld accept re-marriages, why is that u being another Indian cant?? Simple..because u r sickeningly narrow-minded and living in ur own world of fantasies. Wake up! There is something called REALITY!

  30. Hey PrakashRaj didnt have a child in marriage age. Media persons should always be an role model and example and not like seetha.

    All go and mind ur business instead talking useless things.

  31. Hey Guys…common…this is very common in Film Industry… They are never going to bother us.. For them, they wil live with someone for sometime..and once they feel bored..they wil move to another person..

    definitely, tis is not acceptable.But nothing can be done 🙁 .

  32. Don't fight yourself and waste time over an Tamil actress marriage. Tamil film industry itself is a prostitute industry.

  33. hey Satish.. do u think all step moms doesnt have love in their heart against children even if not their own..if u think u r wrong..

  34. hey Kid..<span>do u think all step moms  have love in against children who are from first marriage,,.if u think so u r wrong.. i ve seen lots of tep moms ill treating ..

  35. Hello,

    There are lots of people around who want to protect culture. What is culture when there is no respect for human rights and basic love essentials? A culture that does not respect people is a culture not to be respected. May Seeta be praised for having the courage to seek love and a second chance at marriage, then some ladies who are defeated by accepting and tolerating their loveless life.

  36. Sita is a role model. To find love again and having a chance to remarry to lead a happy life, age or marriageable aged children should not matter. It is the courage and attitude to excel in love and life that matters that goes down very well with the children. If any elders want to have a second or third or whatever number of shot at marriage and love (especially when their previous ones were a failure), I will encourage and give them my utmost respect. It shows that they stand up to life, and not accept defeat. Some Indians are nevertheless, the reason for the backwardness in India.

  37. Each one has their own sentiments, and would want to live life according to their wishes! Those who pay heed to others and culture (culture changes according to times and phases in life… dont forget there was kamasutra culture in the ancient times too) will have no time and energy to pay heed to their own sentiments! They will be living for others and not for their lives!

  38. Seetha is a sexy, brave, attractive and articulate lady. She can marry anyone; even boys who are 20 years younger than her; ; she can marry even if she is fat; even if she is 65; have a lot of sex Seetha. Congratualations and Best Wishes.


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