Parthiban apologizes for his controversial remarks


Parthiban walks out of Bharathiraja film

Actor-director Parthiban has issued a statement clarifying his stance on the controversial ‘Shiva’ remarks made by him during the launch of the film Thillumullu a few days back. Taking part in the muhurat of the remake of the Rajini-starrer, Parthiban had remarked that after seeing debutant heroine Isha Talwar’s beauty, even Lord Shiva woud consider ‘singing a duet’ with her setting aside Goddess Parvathi for a brief time.

The remarks were strongly objected to by the Hindu Makkal Katchi which said that it would host a protest in front of Parthiban’s Chennai residence till he apologized for his remarks and withdrew the same. In his statement, Parthiban has said “My remarks were purely humour-based ones and it had been blown out of proportion by some vested interests. I take part in these events mainly to wish the crew and entertain the audience.

“I never intended to hurt anyone’s (religious) sentiments. I haven’t planned anything like that in the past and won’t do so in uture too. Believing in God or not is an individual’s prerogative and others don’t have a say in it. I only remarked humourously about Lord Shiva and later regretted that I spoke. If I had insulted anybody even remotely, I seek my unconditional apologies.

“I feel that conscience is the temple and the good thoughs that one has are the Gods. I believe in the existence of the Almighty but I still feel that one can’t give any ‘form’ to God: it’s beyond the imagination of man and I sincerely praty to that ‘supreme power’ everyday. Let’s concentrate in more serious matters such as poverty alleviation and elimination of corruption,” said Parthiban.



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