More Trouble For Prabhu Deva, Nayantara


Nayantara - Prabhu Deva

It is trouble time for choreographer-actor Prabhu Deva and his love interest Nayantara. Ever since Prabhudeva confessed that he was in a relationship with actress Nayanthara and would be marrying her, his wife, Ramlath @ Latha has been hitting back at him.

Ramlath had filed a petition for restitution of conjugal rights and later filed another petition seeking a stay on Prabhu and Nayan’s marriage before the issue is resolved by the court of law. She also sought the court’s intervention in preventing Nayan and Prabhu from posing for photographs and addressing the media together.

Based on these petitions the Court had ordered Nayan and Prabhu Deva to appear today (October 19, 2010), but both were not available till 11:30 AM in the court premise, making a note of this the judge has asked  summons to be sent to both the actors. The Court has also advised ‘Nadigar Sangam’ to send a summon to Nayanthara as she has not been traceable for some time now. It has further said that Nayan and Prabhu Deva must appear before the judges on November 23, 2010 when the case is taken up again.

Meanwhile in the Maanada mayilaada season 5 grand finale held  last weekend  at Abhu Dhabi the chief  guest of the function were prabhu and Nayan. You can watch it on Oct 24th  telecast on kalaignar TV. Also  we hear from close sources is  that Nayanthara and Prabhu deva have reportedly made arrangements for ‘special pooja’ and ‘yagna’ at the Kalahasti Temple in Andhra Pradesh, the Rahu-kethu Kshetram to ward-off the ‘ill effects’ that might have befallen them in getting united.


  1. y nayan has selected pdeva??????? is she blind enough!!!!!!!!!! come back nayan….. all r waiting 4 u…… r u???

  2. I do not understand why Prab is messing it up; Come On Man: do not hide; you are not doing anything to be ashamed of. Divorce Latha properly; provide well for your kids; you have a lovely girl friend now; have great romance; everyday: morning and evening; team up; do some good movies like Cheran does; with your movies make Thamilar realise marriage for life is an ideology which should guide us but not rule us as many can’t achieve it because it requires perfect matching, there is no point wasting your time with a partner who no longer attracts you, appearance, style and sex are extremely important and everyone should live their lives to the full as we are not born to sacrifice our lives for children.

  3. Mr. Vasin is correct.

    common guys those who r blaming prabhu deva…wake up and get a life.
    if u get a girl friend like nayan thara u will also do the same thing.In my
    opinion marriage is just a license to fuck and relationship is  just a license to suck …..
    If any body is in chennai and need any license please email me


  4. Onething, if a girl opt for a used guy or a married man, it means tht shez also a worst girl (in character). This shows Nayan’s character. Nowadays its a fantasy to love a married man. 
    1 advise Nayan, Prabhu left Latha cos u r there. He can also leave u if he gets a better girl. Wake up Nayan, don fall on this crap man. 

  5. hey stupid, if ur life sucks get off for better…f***ing one don’t guide or give general notion about marriage and hw a partner shud be…. u r nt a philosopher to say.. u bloody dumbass.. everyone  shud live their life.. but nt the one u hav said above… if ppl dnt have understanding b/w each other and cant accept anymore..den needa divorce…. but beauty,style,sex..nthng is going to be permanent… if ur thght abt a relationship is only this much..u r an ugliest creature in the world.. 

  6. u unlicensed dog.. u go n get a license for urself…… oh yeah.. in chennai lot of street dog yells like dis…u must be one of them…

  7. u unlicensed dog.. u go n get a license for urself…… oh yeah.. in chennai lot of street dogs ..yells..s***s…f***s.. like dis…u must be one of them..

  8. How i wish ur dad found a better looking woman than ur mom and started screwing her…shld have left both u and ur mom homeless….other men shld have been looking at ur mom..THEN, i wld have agreed with what u say! 🙂  MF!

  9. Yeah your father should have divorced your mother and funded you Mr. Vasin to fuck with a bitch like nayanthara… Will u accept if your dad does the same?????????????

  10. This actors also act in thier real life. I dont know what happen to them. Actually they are the real evils. Not everybody but some culprits like both of them. Hope GOD will punish them.

  11. Cool down! Beauty, style and sex are not permanent; but you have to demonstrate to your partner you put in maximum effort to do well in them just like you would do for your promotion, savings and kids; if not you are lazy; no one would excuse a lazy man or woman; Latha was lazy; homie, you missed the point mate.

  12. My mother is similar to Latha; fat; I hate it; but she is very loving; us and my father; but I would not have blamed my father if he had divorced her; he did not do it because of us the children; but I can tell you; he was never happy; I feel sorry for him. 

  13. hey retarded vigneshh… i m nt the one u tld.. its you mental fellow.. unnaku english purinja seri…i commented on your opinion on marriage hahha.. hope now u got it monkey..

  14. ashole homie u r typing in tamil and telling that i dont understand english…yeah i got it that u suck donkeys dick regularly…get lost idiot

  15. Never show them on TV.. you stupids spoil indian culture.. and bluddy prabudeva.. you are worst man… and the freakin nyan… you are worst of all kind.. for spoiling another womens life….

  16. as i said already in my prev comment.. same to u psycho… ur first msg was wrong…i commented on dat..u dint give proper reply ..  but u r carried away with the words hehehhe…n u tried to divert with usage of words leaving the actual comment.. hey joker ur english is poor.. atleast try to accept dat.anyways.. loosu.. dnt cry ..  

  17. Ok vasin u have a real big problem in your head man and wats up with the semicolon after every 3 words? Can’t you write in full formed sentences? Anyways you can’t justify what Prabhu Deva did. Just because your wife is fat doesn’t mean you divorce her! Thats just stupid and our culture doesn’t work that way. And how can you wish that your dad should divorce your own mom! What kind of a jackass are you? Fat or not that same exact woman had to bring your stupid ass into the world. And if the only reason you would want to divorce a lady is because shes fat then thats stupid. If your father hates your mother so much, why have you with her? If prabhu deva doesn’t like his wife than he could have stopped with one child why have 2?

  18. dei baad…. vandhya padichiya mooditu poniya nu irukunum….  overa karathu solla kudathu… ellam plan panni seiyanum….. 

  19. i dont need to reply to mentally retarded guy like u…go and join some rehabilation center… r the one crying…. i dont want to spoil the reputation of english language by speaking to u in english…poda kena pundai….i am using my original name and id and not a coward like u using names like homie or homo…homo koothi…. lavade kabal

  20.  One Day ur wife also doing like that , that time u feels wat now ramlath feel , my best wishes for that ll happen to u soon.

  21. That fear influences all folk. However it freightens Thamilar too much so that it hinders fair thinking. Too much of anything is no good; you know that; the same applies here. You all support maintaining marriages at any cost because you fear if divorce becomes acceptable your partners will take advantage,

    Sefishness; you just do not want to get better. Go to West to see how happy they are; both young and old; do not cite odd examples to disprove; on the whole they are happier than us; how affluent they are; how cultured they are; when we say culture our guys immediately jump to think rituals at wedding ceremonies like walking around fire; but they do not know how polite you should be when for instance you ask someone on the road for location of an address; some would not say even a thank you. Forget our legacy man; it is no good; it is just wreckage; go western; the more we delay the more we will suffer. 

  22. Unga ammavae thaa kaekunu..unnoda appae yaeppadinnu! Hey hey, run along to get urselff checked!, u never know to whom u r born..maybe to some hot looking whore?? 😉

  23. First of all I am going to use offensive terms since you fit these words absolutely perfectly. Second since you don’t know what culture is, here is the definition :the set of values, conventions, or social practices associated with a particular field, activity, or societal characteristic. Since your tired of hearing that word obviously you don’t have any standards of values you go by. And another question if he doesn’t love latha why have kids with her. Maybe he had one to satisfy his parents but why have a second one. And he didn’t even get a proper divorce before he cheated on her. What he did is morally wrong. Or do you also not understand what morality is? Go look it up in a dictionary you jackball because you obviously have no standards. Oh and if you think cultural evolution is everybody having sex and cheating on their wives than you need to be checked into a mental hospital ASAP! Oh also if you think Tamilans are all fat than so are you and if you don’t like the way we live why don’t you just move. Because I am pretty sure we don’t like sex driven people who don’t have standards living in our country. Stop ruining our culture!

  24. Haha western people are not happy I would know. Half of their country is in a divorce state and thats why a bunch of kids cut themselves because their parents are breaking up. You know what westerners like about India, you know why they come visit it? Because of our culture and how we are unique. We are always going to be like India not like a westernized civilization. Oh and vasin leave our country we don’t need pessimist like you who bring us down.

  25. Do you think West likes India? Either you are lying or you never actually have lived with them; or even just being in West for even 10 years would not add to your understanding. I lived with their lower(Super Market Worker), middle(Railway and office Staffs) and upper middle income group(Ernst & Young Lawyers and Programmers) folk but not with the rich class. Now but now only they have started to accept there are brilliant folk in India but until now if a job is not done properly they would say an Indian would have done it; the recent debacle of the Delhi Commonwealth Games is not going to help.

    They come to India. Hey, hang on; but many more of them go to Bangkok and you know why! We are different; so its a little refreshing for them to be here for a week or two but not more. Kids and Young( below 40) are very happy here; only the lower income group divorced bald paunched old men (not woman) are unhappy in West. I agree middle or above middle class elderly of us are generally happier because they live with their children but what is the point in sacrificing everything for your children when you are young in order to be happy when you are old?

    Hey; you do not want our culture to change because you are relatively well off; two thirds of India that is 750 million Indians are living a sad life. It is just because of Indian Culture and Beliefs they still remain mentally blunt so that the wealth is not spreading. We and the rich class are able to hold onto our wealth and positions with unfair ease. Socilal Mobility is very slow.

  26. Hi!

    I thought culture is how you or the society go about various things and events. West takes sex seriously; we do not. What you say looks like something taken direct out of a text book but its OK. However why you say I have no standards? If not I also would have used slangs against @homie! How old is Prab’s second child? In around 2 years you could start hating someone you loved before. Your boyfriend is fortunate if you are an educated, strong willed, interesting, sincere and well balanced girl giving only the required due for sex. But Hey Stop; how many girls can have all that? That is why sex and looks are important to keep people together. If Prab slept with Nayan while he was also sleeping with Lath then it is definitly immoral; I don’t think that could have happened; I am not immoral.

  27. Hey Hey

    Where did I say all Thamilar are fat?

    I like the fact I am a Thamilan and I like our people. Is being self critical wrong? I think you can clearly see I am not wrining these stuff out of hatred but out of concern. Don’t always think about previllaged people like you. Go and see our villages; you would understand our faulty culture is the reason for we are being poor; If a company is making losses the first thing that is looked at for a long overhaul is its culture; I know society is more complicated than business but still the Indian culture is the culprit for why India is poor.

  28. And

    Why have a negative view on sex? Use it to be together. Things are good or bad depending on how you use it. Anyway Love and Sex between a man and woman are good things; of course I am not referring to immoral acts; but Prab-Nayan relationship may be perfectly moral.

  29. I believe you said our culture is timid, insecure and fat in your comment from two days ago. And culture is our way of life. So your obviously calling Thamilans fat.  U know what forget it! Trying to convince you that our culture is great is like trying to convince Hitler not to kill jews. Culture isn’t the reason India is poor. The reason India is poor is because of our corrupt politicians. Oh and btw in America one third of high school students have sex and guess what, most of them get pregnant. Sex is definitely not taken seriously. IK because i have lived there, gone to school there, and all my friends are Americans. I come to India because its amazing! I love the way we live and I am proud to be an Indian. Its great. Saying our culture is wrong is not being critical. You are going past that and bashing the way we live as an Indian. So vasin i don’t ever want to talk to you again. Its fools like you that make India poor.  Have a great life and i wish your wife leaves u and you die in hell. 🙂

  30. Corruption too is culture. Student pregnancy means they are seriously keen on sex. Coming from USA you mingle with the cream of India; not the typical Indians. Again you have been very offensive; I received this article from my friend in Chennai;

    Substandard is the accepted norm in India

    After the disgraceful prelude to the Commonwealth Games 2010, now playing out in Delhi, India’s — read Organising Committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi’s — wish to host the 2020 Olympics sounds like an outrageous joke. Shall we laugh? Or cry?
    If our officials and sports authorities have any sense of shame — which I doubt, as nobody so far has apologised for causing our nation such a huge international embarrassment — they shouldn’t even think bidding.
    Hosting rights are assigned seven years before the actual start of the games, as was the case for the Commonwealth Games, too. It means the host country for the 2020 Olympics will be chosen in 2013, only three years from now.
    Not even a diehard optimist will believe after its recent showing that India can turn around, rise above its mediocre work ethics and pathetic management culture, become a thorough professional, and acquire the ability to produce credible, quality performance, all in the next three years to convince the Olympic selectors.
    Our character hasn’t changed in 63 years. How will it change in the next three, or seven (for the 2024 games), or even 11 (for 2028)?
    So, let’s not fool ourselves. We aren’t China. We had seven years to prepare for the Commonwealth Games, but still bungled. It only shows how casual was our approach and how substandard is the level at which our public sector operates. There’s no need for others to stereotype us. We’ve stereotyped ourselves.
    It exposes something else, too: the utter callousness of our leaders. That’s why Urban Development Minister Jaipal Reddy and Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit could glibly brush off the footbridge and roof collapse at the main Games stadium as minor glitches.
    Was that surprising? Not in the least. They were only being faithful to a tradition in which corruption is an accepted fact and mismanagement always has an excuse, where national pride is never a result of national performance.
    Look at our roads, cities, public housing, hospitals, or civic amenities, anything that has to do with the government, central or state. Do you see standard, any standard, except Organising Committee General Secretary Lalit Bhanot’s?
    Do you find the minimum honesty of performance that one expects? Anything that can be called neat, well executed, without the ordinary, dishevelled, and unfinished look that public projects in India usually leave behind? You don’t, because it’s not expected. India is a nation where substandard is the accepted norm.
    That, essentially, was what Reddy and Dikshit were telling us: Things go wrong, but things get done, don’t they? Why criticise your own nation? Sports Minister M S Gill even cracked a little joke about it. Everything would be fine, Monsoon Wedding-like, he said, referring to the Mira Nair movie’s oddly happy ending.
    He didn’t realise it was a sad commentary on India’s state of affairs, which will be remembered by the International Olympic Committee.

  31. Cont..

    In the end, the Games got underway all right, like the babus said they would, purely Monsoon Wedding-style, in spite of all the Games Village woes and logistic troubles.
    But the damage has been done and not even Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s last-minute outburst of anger and initiative can undo it. The message has gone out to the world that India has a government system that’s utterly inefficient and can’t be fully trusted to host major international sporting events with the desired degree of finesse.
    No amount of patriotic drum-beating can now erase the images of filth and dirt in the ill-finished Games Village, and the broken footbridge at the Nehru Stadium parking lot, etched on the minds of millions of TV viewers around the world. Let’s chew on our national pride and our rising economic power, but, in the world’s view, India remains a substandard nation.
    Can we be wiser after the fact? Can we change? At this point in time, it seems next to impossible. Only a huge uplift of leadership at the top can alter an administration so used to graft and payola, cutting corners, accepting compromises, tolerating incompetence, fighting turf wars, and sleeping on decisions till the last minute.
    In a country where bureaucratic and political interests mingle and influence each other, any assertion of leadership will be immediately resisted as undemocratic and authoritarian.
    Generations of Indians have been raised on substandard public facilities and services, and have come to believe that’s the only standard — the Indian standard. Let’s stick to it. Let’s keep things the way they are and always have been. That way the system will run smoothly and we’ll all be happy.
    Forget the 2020 Olympics, or any Olympics. Why invite unnecessary trouble? Why let others pry into our lives and culture or our hallowed standards of cleanliness?
    Instead, let’s honour Suresh Kalmadi and Lalit Bhanot for being such honest brokers of the genuine Indian tradition!

  32. Hey! I didn’t mean all Thamilar are fat; Sorry. I am no bad boy; no hater; not even a cynic. Anyway I accept defeat. I could not convince anyone. I guess I still fail to understand the Indian mind and preferences. But as you said lets end this; Bye.

  33. Yeah!! 9thara is same age as me. so, when prabhu’s 1st movie came she would have  been 10 years old. gosh!!! that man is too old for her. nearly like her chittappa.

    he looks like one gorila, look at their body language.

  34. look like this media is encouraging and entertaining these two horny beasts. see the tamil cinima industry gave them “best hodi awards” they been invited to judge the dance seasons, then shez sponsored by pothys, and they both invited to dubai to host progs.

    i just hate lookng at them. so irritating. gives us a feel like we are watching 2 stray dogs hooking up in streets. so embarrassing.

    athungaluku vekama iruko illayo ithungala paakaravangaluku kusuthu.

  35. r u supporting d western culture???r u insane…WESTERNS HAVE NO CULTURE!!more and more westerners r coming East to  look for marriage partners coz they know  we r a cultured lot who respect rites ,rituals,customs,beliefs,elders..etc..Divorce is a way of life for d westerners..NOT FOR US!!!they like ,they sleep,they love,they marry,hav kids,they dont like,they divorce,then they marry again n again n again …!its a cycle!!rotten lifestyle..!

  36. If they do get married,it wil b a marriage made in HELL!!!!!!!it will b a cursed marriage!!!it wont last!!!!!!!!

  37. India’na sambar vittu sothappy than saapdanuma? Baked Beans’a alaga spoon’ala saapda koodatha? Muttal’a nee? 

  38. Hey Sash.

    I am a Thamil supremacist. In the last 7 years I have involved in 3 fisticuffs with racist whites including once my left hand going inept for 6 months. No one needs to doubt doubt my loyalty to us.


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