Lollu Sabha ‘Jeeva and Santhanam’ for Mappillai Vinayakar


Jeeva and Santhanam

With its hilarious comedy mockups and wicked spoof scenes, the show Lollu Sabha has had viewers share a good laugh. Some of the best Lollu Sabha entertainers have enjoyed heightened success making it to the silver screens. Now director Padmanabhan is planning to come out with a new flick in Mappillai Vinayakar that will have his favorite Lollu’s providing some comedy relief.

Playing lead role for Mappillai Vinayakar is Kollywood’s happening actor Jeeva. He will be accompanied by another Lollu Sabha product, in comedian Santhanam who will pair up with his Siva Manasula Sakthi co-star. Both Jeeva and Santhanam share common beginnings as they presented some memorable laugh riots during their Lollu Sabha days. Director Padmanabhan who did have a decent reception for his ‘Doo’ presented a story where lovers are shown parting ways owing to difference of opinion and ego clashes. His next however will be an out-an-out comedy release that will also have many members from the ‘Doo’ camp including Urvasi, Bhagyaraj and others joining the director.

 Things just couldn’t be any merrier with Jeeva and Santhanam coming together for this Lollo Sabha release!


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