Kochadaiyaan and Sultan the Warrior 2 differenet movies


Kochadaiyaan and Sultan the Warrior 2 differenet movies

With Rajinikanth’s next big release in the making announced as Kochadaiyaan by Rajini’s daughter Soundarya, fans are left in a dilemma on what happened to the most talked about Sultan the Warrior. We decided to get into the heart of the matter, for just all you Kolly fans and clear those doubts once and forever.

We are told that this decision of going ahead with a fresh project in Kochadaiyaan was a well thought one. Infact Soundarya and team felt that the Rana shoots would be too much to handle for Superstar after those hospital rounds but the fact that his fans wanted to see their hero on screen once again couldn’t be ignored either. It is then that they planned to do a quickie in Kochadaiyaan which has been scheduled for an August 2012 release. Regarding Sultan the Warrior director KS Ravikumar himself cleared the air saying, “Neither has Sultan: The Warrior (renamed as Hara) been dropped nor Kochadaiyaan  is the modified version of Sultan.”   He further added, “Kochadaiyaan and Rana are two different flicks. But we will only start  Rana from August, 2012 itself when done with the present new project that is Kochadaiyaan  ”

There you go people !!! It goes like Kochadaiyaan , then Rana and later Sultan the Warrior .


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