Karunas apologizes to Rajini Fans


Karunas apologizes to Rajini Fans

Last Tuesday (13th), comedian Karunas raked up a mild controversy. He took in the birthday celebrations of superstar Rajinikanth held in Chennai’s Valluvar Kottam and spoke after the likes of ‘Kalaipuli’ Thaanu, veteran director S.P. Muthuraman, etc. The function was held to observe the superstar’s 62nd birthday which was the day before on 12th December.

Speaking on the occasion, Karunas said that Rajini has the potential to create huge ripples in the political circles. “If he wanted to, he can easily become the chief minister of the State; we fans want him to take the plunge. I suspect that he has been hesitating for some reason which we are not aware of. Whatever it might be, we are always by his side and would put our heart and soul into the campaign when he enters politics.

“I’m also upset that none of Rajini Sir’s family members came to this event. Rajini Sir’s absence is understood by us for many reasons like security, etc. Yet, one of his family members could have come here at least to distribute the welfare measures to the needy. As a fan of Rajini, I strongly condemn it,” he had said.

The remarks created unease among Rajini fans. Karunas has clarified that he didn’t say anything wrong but was only insisting that Rajini’s family members should have been there to lead the fans at the function. “I have the highest regards for Rajini Sir and his family members and would never do or say anything that would demean them,” says Karunas.


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