Karthi with Diya and Namratha

Karthi with niece Diya and adopted tiger cub Namratha

Actor Karthi who has always been fascinated by wildlife has adopted a tigress at the Arignar Anna Zoological Park in Vandalur on Monday.

After a visit to the zoo with his niece Diya, daughter of Surya and a bunch of children from the family Karthi expressed his willingness to adopt the tiger cub Namratha, which is a star attraction of the zoological park thousands by thousands every day.

The kids got very thrilled and kept asking him, “Shall we take the baby tiger home, please. I can understand their sentiments completely. The animals were just adorable,” he said.

“I have made several trips to the forests, but never spotted a tiger. To see the white tiger standing in front of you is something. Protecting a tiger is like protecting the forest itself and I am happy to have the opportunity to sponsor a tiger”, the excited Karthi said.

Karthi has agreed to pay Rs.77,000 towards the feeding cost of the tiger for six months.


  1. Good Job Karthi..

    The celebrities adoption will make more appearance to the public about the awareness of saving Tigers.

  2. poda kanakudhi….idhku padila ……you could have adopted a poor child……u and your brother       are always for publicity

  3. dai anonymous ne sathuda naye WTF…U KNW………….? THOSE TWO A**H*** IS DOING EVERY SINGLE SHOTS OF TER LIFE FOR PUBLICITY

  4. deeii asingam illa unaku.. venumna nee adopt pannu oru child ah.. nee en karthi ah solra… avan paru oru cub ah adopt panirukan animals inam azhiya kudadhunu avan nalladhu panran da naaayae . venumna nee poi pannu. unaku enga eriudhu poda panni.. karthii ah pathii thappa pesadha da eruma maadu

  5. deiii vekkam ketavanaeee neeum ipdi dha un anna pondati kuda irupiya aaasinga ma pesadha da porukiii nayaeeeee chii vekama illaa unaku poi thukula thongu da ipdi first aduthavanga family ah pathi comment panradha niruthu da nayaeeeeeeeee

  6. dai gommala…. unga ammave ni othu iruka nenaikaren ada ippidi pesara,,,, chi… vekkama illa.. sooruthingariya.. illati un thangachi sootha nakkiriya…. thevidya payaley… niyalla oru aalu.. chi naye…thuuu.. >:o


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