Karthi is 13 years elder to me:Tamanaah


Tamannah is not of the type to worry about rumours of an alleged romance with her ‘Paiyaa’ Hero Karthi Sivakumar. She says “what may come, life is to live. Perhaps people need to think i am just 20 while karthi is 13 years elder to me.I know what the truth is. We are just colleagues and we are going to act together in another film too. I can’t achieve my goals if I am bothered by these mindless rumours,I am not answerable to those spreading ‘rumours’ ,

She adds “I just need to be  accountable to my mother and father. They know pretty well what’s happening in my life.The support from my parents has made me achieve something,But I am aware that there is still a long way to go. My aim is that I should act in all kind of roles before I call it a day.”

Tamanaah next is remake of telugu blockbuster Vikramarkudu tentatvley title Siruthai, again alongside Karthik Sivakumar. And she is also Playing opposite Allu Arjun in Telugu Movie Badhrinaadh.


  1. innum yevlo varusama iva 20 years inu sollikkitu ora yennathuva…. 2005 la irudhu iva 20 years inu sollikkitu irukka

  2. <span>innum yevlo varusama iva 20 years inu sollikkitu ora yemmathuva…. 2005 la irudhu iva 20 years inu sollikkitu irukka</span>

  3. he he .. yaar kita ma poo suthare.. evlo varushama 20 yrs le irupenga.. tape "pause " le ye vechu irupengala.. fast forward pannu ma.. cycle gap le en kuttie thale vayase una yaaru sola sona….
    vitta i am 10 yrs younger than a 10th std girl nu sonalum soluvenga

  4. hi people . search in google . her DOB is 21 Dec 1989 which means she is 20… correct ah dhan pa soli irukanga

  5. the data in google were bogus, I remember when kaloori movie release her birth year was 1987 in google… ivalunga ippadi thaan boss

  6. she is one bitch! dont know with how many guys she sleep! but talking like a very good girl! their parents knows everything about her?? about what their parents knows about her??….hehe


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