Kamal Haasan announces training programme for film technicians

Kamal Haasan
Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan, chairman of Media and Entertainment Skills Council of FICCI, announced a three day training programme for film technicians including assistant directors, camera assistants, music assistants, writers, lightman, art directors, costume assistants and dubbing artistes.

“We plan to have a three-day workshop in November where we intend to shut down the industry for three days so that no one has an excuse of work. This is very important as it is for the future of our country and our industry,” he said.

“Kamal Hassan has decided to organize a 3 day workshop bringing together 35 film unions for conducting Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for about 10,000 workforce currently working in the Film Industry . The three day workshop would involve training which would be conducted by national and international Film dignitaries, technicians, specialists in 16 trades/job roles and certificates given for the prior skills,” says an official statement from FICCI.


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