Jai will never marry an actress


Anjali Jai parted ways

Close on the heels of actress Anjali coming out with a statement clarifying that there was ‘nothing’ fishy in between her and co-star Jai and that they were just friends, actor Jai too has come up with his own explanation about the reported affair. Anjali not only denied an affair with Jai, but also made a statement that she will not act with him in future. Anjali’s statement, however, was considered a bit ‘too harsh’ by observers.

Anjali and Jai co-hosted the audio-launch of Suriya’s 7aam Arivu some time back. At that time, Anjali mentioned casually and wittily that there was ‘something’ brewing in between them. When reports linking them started appearing in the press, Anjali has now issued a statement saying that she would never act with Jai in future. Her statement gave an impression as if the rumours were the handiwork of Jai himself.

On his part, Jai has said that “I’m not in love with Anjali. I’d also like to clarify that I’d never marry an actress in future. I did act with Anjali in Engeyum Eppodhum but it was only at the audio launch of 7am Arivu that I met her again. We never met anywhere in the intervening period nor did go out together as reported in some sections of the press.

“I’m not for love marriage; especially, I won’t marry an actress. I’d only marry a girl chosen by my parents. For the present, though, my concentration is only focused on developing my career as an actor. I have recently signed up a new film produced by Ascar Films; at this very moment, I’m only thinking about that film and nothing else,” said Jai.


  1. adadadada….-there is nothing.we are just friends-intha dialogue ah kettu kettu aluthu pochupa…epoellam intha dialogue solitu thiriyuravanga than kadasiley kalyanam panikirango…athanala makaluku ethuley nambikai illai…we shall wait and see…no comments till then!!!

    Its not fair for Anjali to say that she wouldn’t act with Jai in the future…as a celebrity such rumours are part and parcel of their lives…if there isn’t any truth,she should just ignore and continue her work…just by refusing to act with him,she is giving way for more gosspis…


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