Ileana poses with Jennifer Lopez

Illu poses with Jennifer Lopez
Illu poses with Jennifer Lopez

The very enchanting Ileana (Illu) has made headlines for an all together different reason as she posed in her cutely best with Jennifer Lopez….ahem ahem…well the Jennifer we are talking here is the very adorable fluffy dog belonging to director/producer Puri Jagannath.

Seems like our Illu took a ‘time out’ while shooting under a hectic schedule for the romantic offering Nenu Naa Rakshasi.

You really needed this break, didn’t you Illu?


  1. Ha..In Vamsam movie, the cow was named after Asin and Cat was named after Trisha..

    Here Ileana went to name after her dog as Bollywood heroine Jenniffer …

    What a trend sirji?


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