HMK files case against Kamal and those he hugged/kissed in Vijay TV show

Kamal's controversial Hugs and Kisses at Vijay TV Show Neengalum Vellalam Oru Kodi
Kamal’s controversial Hugs and Kisses at Vijay TV Show Neengalum Vellalam Oru Kodi

The Moral police in K town are back to action, this time targeting Kamal Haasan on his recently participated Neengalum Vellalam Oru Kodi Show telecasted on Vijay TV.

The Hindu Makkal Katchi has filed a complaint with the city police commissioner demanding action against Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan, actresses Gauthami and Divyadarshini for bringing disrepute to Indian culture when Kamal Haasan appeared on a reality show for Vijay TV.

Muthu Rameshkumar, Chennai zone chief of Hindu Makkal Katchi, has stated thus in his petition: “Vijay TV broadcast its reality quiz anchored by actor Prakashraj for three days on 15-17 April which had Kamal Haasan, actresses Gauthami and Divyadarshini taking part in it. While interacting with the Vijay TV anchor’s seated around, Prakash Raj asked them to ask Kamal whatever they want,  a middle-aged woman(Priya) said she would leave her husband behind to fulfill  her ‘unfulfilled wish’ and came forward and kissed and hugged Kamal.

“The programme is watched by lakhs of viewers across the state and the still these women didn’t mind hugging Kamal and kissing him. Even Vijay TV anchors Divyadarshini  and Priyadarshini also did the same. The show also witnessed debates on marriage and one of the views exchanged during the debate was that it’s not ‘wrong’ for a man and a woman to have a live-in relationship without getting married.

“In a show intended to increase general knowledge and awareness, it is out of place to show women hugging and kissing a star. Programmes such as these contribute to the various incidents of sexual atrocities taking place across the country. We request you to take proper action against Kamal Haasan, Prakash Raj, Gauthami, Divyadarshini and the middle-aged woman(Priya) on the show for bringing disrepute to Indian culture by openly indulging in such acts as stated above,” the petition concluded.


  1. Kamal sir spoke about so many good things in that show.. This is the only thing you pick up…God Please save my People from this fellow so called cultural activist who are trying to do good for my mother Indian culture..

    • what will kamal do if a male anchor asks a kiss and a hug from gouthami?? 🙂 boys always know their limitations.. only girls like DD and oldie priya are crossing their limitations.. pls dont support these kind of girls.. otherwise all the boys will get a wife like that oldie priya in the future.. lolzzzzzzzzz

      • Yes That old woman, mentioned that, sometime she has told her husbandto move away from her ,so that she could go and join hand with Kamal.. Is this our culture? Openly how can she tell like that..?

  2. The HMK is true in their points. Wherever Kamal goes he brings Gowthami with a pride & everyone accepts her along with Kamal, as if living relation-ship is good to be followed. Though he is a top star , there are certain values which are still believed by majority of people. It was really shocking for the viewers who had great respect for Kamal, especially the Lady Priya, who said that she will leave her husband for Kamal ( in front of her teen-aged son), with a pride !!!!.

    Though they are not creating any moral values, please ask them not to tarnish our values by doing such idiotic things in public places, let them do whatever they want in their house.

    • All mens are scared about their womens who leave them.If your not confident on you then why you need women…

    • They may be celebrities, but they have the right to a personal life. Why don’t we first get rid of the legal sex trades/prostitution in India then talk about Kamal Hassan living in common law? The public attack celebrities once something out of the norm occurs, but there are bigger issues that have to be dealt with. Kamal Hassan hugging Divyadharshini is nothing compared to a man with 3 wives or even child prostitution.

    • Hello… Culture and values change every century.. All you sick people have a sadistic approach towards your life.. thats why you can tolerate things like these.. please do consult a psychiatrist..

      • oh great to hear your thought.. but tell me if those gals r from your own family, may be ur cousin sis or your brothers wife (the character priya) would u say it is still ok??

    • Seriously.. Out of all that history episodes his thirst for movies. his passion for taking risks… u find this out of the box.. When all will you ppl grow up… Priya and DD were all of her daughter’s age.. Wont u hug your dad or uncle or kiss him as an REAL affection ….IF u still dont get.. I think we need to time travel u to our present world fro STONE AGE…

      • i agree with you GEEKAY but the way he kissed DD no dad would do that way, pl go thru the pic again.. any dad would kiss such a grown up daughter on the forehead or a decent kiss on the cheeks.definitly not as close as this..

  3. who are we to judge what is good for mankind. It is up to an individual to decide if commitment is worthy beyond live in relationship. Why should the community be bothered by other people’s issue. nobody is going to spare a dime for such activity. I guess HMK need to get laid to realise their mistake. Everyday a woman is raped in india. So what moral values are we talking about?

  4. vijay tv is the real culprit which is doing thse kind of nonsense programs to increase their TRP rating.. we enjoy while watching the show.. but it also disturbs our feelings somewhere that it should not be encouraged.. also in airtel super singer only those who dance and show off can go to the next level.. dedicated singers cannot win..

  5. Vijay TV’s program “ Neengalum Vellalam Oru Kodi ” is not only viewed in one
    state but by the entire world. The kissing and hugging by Kamal in this program
    is not a big issue.

    As per my understanding, it was a just a sisterly kiss and a friendly hug to his fans.

    Kissing a woman on her fore head symbolizes blessings to her (depends upon the person who kisses her). Kissing a woman on her cheek is to express sisterly love. Kissing a woman on her hand is to express a respect towards her. Only kissing a woman on her lip is a romantic expression. In this case, Kamal Hassan has only expressed a sisterly love towards DD.

    Kamal Hassan hugging the middle-aged woman (Priya) and Priyadarshini publically is only to express a friendly love towards his fans. That body contact doesn’t mean anything at all.

    People in India have a very high imagination and everything an actor or an actress does in the movie is fine for them but when they do it in a TV program like this then it becomes an uncultured act. Come on!!!!!

    Ravi Toronto , Canada.

    • Thambiii I too live in the USA, will u allow ur sisters r wife to kiss another person on any place othre than “lips”? As per ur philosophy, it’s just friendly/sisterly love! It’s just a western culture. Actually speaking, we will not even kiss our own sisters after a certain age n wife in public! Come on, living in western country does not mean to blindly take new cultures!

      • Grow up guys… our sister or wife didnt ask for a kiss from hassan, its DD s or PD ‘s wish they asked it n they got it thats it.I dont see any vulgarity there. he said so many good things why didnt you compliment him for that..

      • I think u def r not to be fit in USA……u can very well move to amjikarai as ur modern outlook is going in reverse time zone…..

    • we always think movies are just imagination..they just act and getting paid for that.. but real tv programs are not like that.. shame on those gals who asked for hug and kiss.. priya’s husband and DD’s wouldbe husband are the shameless fellows in the world 🙂

    • mr.ravi i agree with wat u say.. but even in the place where u stay, they dont kiss a sister so intimatelyon the cheeks, i have noticed many foreigners kiss on cheeks, only the necks of both the people woud touch.. not like the way from lips to hip coming in contact.. huh

    • Mr. Ravi, Just because u sailed to the isolated land of morons and got a job there as a slave for those morons, means we should follow the same moron’s…

      Before 500 years, the so called moron’s land where u are living now was a barren one.

      We built civilizations and created cultures and cherished our land from time immemorial. Just because of some intruders who came in the last 1000 years, we may have few retards in our land (like Mr. Ulaga Nayagan)..

      Don’t advise us to adapt the culture-less morons…

    • Mr. Ravi, Just because u sailed
      to the isolated land of morons and got a job there as a slave for those
      morons, doesn’t mean we should follow the same moron’s…

      Before 500 years, the so called moron’s land where u are living now was a barren one.

      We built civilizations and created cultures and cherished our land
      from time immemorial. Just because of some intruders who came in the
      last 1000 years, we may have few retards in our land (like Mr. Ulaga

      Don’t advise us to adapt the culture-less morons…

  6. If anyone here support Kamal, then I ask you one simple Question… Will u allow your wife to hug and kiss with Kamal, and will u allow her to go with him by leaving u??! Just realize the stupid things around u fools…

    • Yenda etho un pondatiyae kiss panna maadiri feel panra.. u dont have rights to interfere in others life.. unaku stomach burning.., athan… midnight masala pota vaayla jollu oothura alavuku paakra la.., athae first niruthu… then u can talk abt kamal..

  7. Thank u HMK. T.V anchors are thinking they are born and brought up in Western countries. They have started the hugging others which is yak to see. now they have come to next step kissing which is killing our culture.

  8. First of all no one has any rights to say about others personal affairs its only their parents or wife or son or daughter should ask… we do not have any rights.. secondly its a friendly hug only and more over cultural values has changed dramatically so pls shut yr damn mouth…..

  9. Wow you people are sooo down to the market … as though he is openly calling them for a one night stand !
    Be with the flow!

  10. Can i have friendly hug from Trisha and a sister kiss from Shruthi Hassan plz….. If not in public Tv show in my bedroom plzzz…

  11. Hey HMK and other stupid people around there. You guys come to know about this only because Kamal is a famous celebrity. If he is a normal common man, are any of you guys going to complain about such issues?
    There are lot other things which needs to rectified in our country in terms of political crime, bribe, etc etc. First look into all those things… any of you guys know what is that fraud sawmi nithyananda doing now.? He must be enjoying with another girl with increased security levels with the help of strong political and money support!!! Still he has some stupid devotees following his words.

    So, lets first stop the stupid habbit of filing such stupid cases. It is his life and he has the freedom of doing anything which he thinks it is right and does not disturb the society. Here disturb in the sense, i mean physically or mentally. These HMK and other stupids like them complain about disturbing the culture, but it is actually pure jealousy and to gain publicity for their party(HMK). Only with these kind of issues, these parties get publicity. In stead of filing these kind of cases and wasting money and time, why cant they help educate 10 or 20 kids or do something good like this to the society?

    First understand this and people just move on and be good to the society. Be normal and dont affect others physically or mentally. If everyone follows this, our culture is no where going to be destroyed and i also know this will not happen until these rotten political parties are rectified. First wipe the dirt in your back before wiping it from another person’s back!!!

  12. hug panra boykim prolem illa.hug vangikra grlkum problem illa.parkra namaku prachanaya?if u dnt like pls change ur channel.what is culture?according to century we can change according to our wish !!!is this ur culture?


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