Hara Climax shooting scheduled from December 2010


K S Ravikumar and Rajini to start shooting from December 2010
K S Ravikumar and Rajini to start shooting from December 2010

K S Ravikumar had been rested with the responsibility to capture the feature film part of  ‘Hara’. Now it has been officially declared that the director is scheduled to call his shots from December, 2010.

A 30-minute feature film has been planned during the climax, which will see the real superstar, an inspiration from the animation flick Avatar. Interestingly, the climax portions will be shot by director K S Ravikumar believed to hold a golden charm whenever he collaborates with Rajini.

The shooting for the movie had to start after Endhiran but daughter Soundarya Rajinikanth who is scripting and co directing the flick had to postpone things inorder to get things online.

The movie will have it’s animation being handled by Soundarya’s Ocher Picture Productions while distribution of the flick will be carried out by Warner Bros. India.

Hara the movie has been making news not just for the fact it stars Rajinikanth but also for the many changes it has gone through in recent times. Earlier it was the title change from Sultan The Warrior to Hara and now we have heard that the decision to carry it out as a full length animation movie is also facing a change.



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