Gundu Kalayanam’s Nalla Nalla Pillaigalai Nambi

Gundu Kalyanam directs Nalla Nalla Pillaigalai Nambi
Gundu Kalyanam and his daughter Janani with the Nalla Nalla Pillaigalai Nambi Kids

Actor Gundu Kalayanam has acted in more than 700 films is now directing a a children oriented film “Nalla Nalla Pillaigalai Nambi”

Gundu Kalayam is already directing another project “Naanga Pudhusha”  and which the Songs composition of are in progress.

Gundu Kalyanam directs Nalla Nalla Pillaigalai Nambi
Gundy Kalyanam and daughter Janani

MGR’s die hard fan Gundu Kalyanam on this movie said “The movie aims to make the children happy and the story line of the movie is on a group children lost inside a jungle and how they manage to escape. This movie contains good messages for children’s future growth too”

Gundu Kalayanam’s daughter Janani is acting in a prominent role and also working as an assistant director of the film.

The movie will be shot in and around Sathya Mangalam and Mettur. Gundu Kalyanam who is training to the kids for on screen action  is also acting as a forest officer.



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