German Film Orchestra – Babelsberg’s all India tour with AR Rahman


German Film Orchestra – Babelsbergs all India tour with AR Rahman

Composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and AR Rahman do have some heavenly connection indeed. Many will readily agree to the above stated fact, cause there’s got to be some reason they call this wizard – ‘The Mozart of Madras’ (….for those in love with Chennai > Go listen to this track titled ‘Madras Suthi’ from May Madham.O f course dumbo it’s a Rahman composition).

Now even the folks at the German Film Orchestra – ‘Babelsberg’ seem to nod in agreement, as they celebrate the man himself – Rahman, through their concerts across India. It’s a noble effort by Lapp India in association with the German Film Orchestra, genuinely showcasing the beauty of western classical orchestra for the first time in India through Rahman’s own movie compositions. Christened ‘Classic Incantations’, fans will experience the Babelsberg Orchestra perform orchestral versions to Rahman’s mesmerizing soundtracks as they tour with the Indian composer across all major cites .

Here’s the all India tour schedule:

20th Jan – Mumbai

22nd Jan – New Delhi

24th Jan – Kolkata

26th  Jan – Chennai

29th Jan  – Bangalore

This is a ‘NO’ miss , for all you Rahmaniacs…Just be there !



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