Slipper garland for Arya
Slipper garland for Arya

Actor Arya, who was drawn into bad light by FEFSI president V C Guhanathan after the controversial speech he delivered in a recent awards function, has found new adversaries. This time, it is the Hindu Makkal Katchi (HMK).

The Hindu Makkal Katchi(HMK) has objected to the actor’s derogatory speech against Tamil cinema and people. They protested against Arya by placing a Garland of Slippers on the portrait of him. They also shouted slogans against Arya.

Recently in an award function at Sharjah organized by a Malayalam channel, actor Arya claimed that acting in Tamil was much easy and did not require any kind of hard work. But acting in Kerala cinema industry, requires hard work and a home work from an actor.

The HMK activitists have demanded Arya to seek apology. They also threatened to ban Arya’s upcoming films if he fails to apologize.

Anna Durai, the General secratry of HMK said, “Arya should apologize for his ‘irresponsible’ and ‘baseless’ speech about Tamil films and actors. Arya who earns Crores of rupees from Tamil film industry has delievered such derogatory speech about Tamil industry. If he fails to apologize, we will extend our protestion to ban his upcoming Tamil films

Call it publicity or moral policing, HMK has been finding easy preys in Kollywood. HMK recently gave a boycott call against veteran film-maker Ramgopal Varma’s recent film Rathacharithram because the lead actors Vivek Oberoi and Surya toured Sri Lanka for the film shoot, defying the diktat of the South Indian Film Artists’ Association.

Earlier, HMK, along with few other fringe Hindu outfits, had campaigned against actress Kushboo’s remarks on premarital sex, and Mallika Sherawat and Shriya Saran for their indecent attire in public functions.


  1. ungalku mooleye illaya……pattykale
    avan oru actor athu matum parugo avante life pakathe

  2. ‘barath maatha ki jai’ … dai pannada pasangala… this is a slogan by india against british…. i donno y these creeps are using this against arya.. uneducated pigs.. tamil naatu maanatha vangadhinga da

  3. OMG ! this is too much,  the comment is his personal opinion…this is all 4 HMK publicity….people knows them…never bothered…

  4. awhh dat’s bad .. He is such an nice actor.. mite hv given lose talk for d first time.. mite b a small lesson for him but nt dis way.. ..v may hv seen in tamil industry , in which all actors are getting into controversial issues for many times… but he is just upcoming actor.. he shud nt be treated or against dis way..

  5. tamilanuku tamilan than ethiri.Arya is very good and talented actor.dont demotivate him.if u cant praise shut ur mouths dont blame him.

  6. i am wondering what is the relation between the cine actors and Hindu makkal katchi..
    funniest part is the slogan “bharat mata ki jai”.. OMG.. these guys are making fun of themselves..
    they dont even know who to protest.. there were hardly any people and the baldie says he is gonna
    protest throught tamilnadu..

  7. ya stupid f**kers!! less than 10 ppl protesting and they bring shame to tamilians!! we have to first chase these hindu makkal katchi and siva sena out of india!! they always target cinema stars for no reason!! jobless man who cant support their own families but who’re so bothered abt others!!

  8. ponaduku he shud tell something for tat he has left 1 or 2words extra . seeing dis we can able to see how many unemployed & illiterates r dwelling TN..

  9. arya is not very talented…see the movie boss….there is nothing he could express in face..he is always in the same mood.bcas of the director and santhanm and nayanthara movie was a hit….everybody performed well except arya….so there is nothing wrong in his speech

  10. guys use decent language…..there is nothing serious abt arya s comment and HMK is targeting him since he is a muslim

  11. Oh yea! He is a muslim, But who cares.  Like aravind said he ain’t such a great actor or no actor at all in my opinion. Nyways as for HMK creating an issue, looks like they are far too jobless to pick up on such comments. Maybe we should put them on training for making garlands instead, look at it…. it looks pathetic! I bet they stole that ribbons from school children. You all need to find something useful to do HMK! 

  12. LOL, this just too hilarious..poor Arya..guess a man can’t be entitled to his opinions on which industry is easier to work in..

  13. Not at all dear anonymous, atleast not in our country anyway. It will take time… but we shall get there someday.

  14. Arya looks so sexy in this pic…I would like to suck his dick anytime…..he looks so hot. Arya I just want to sleep with you for one night….

  15. Jobless creatures.. Spent lot of energy & money for this protest..
    Height of stupiditiy !!!
    The funnies slogon within Indians… ha ha ha 

  16. all tamil people should be avoid the ARYA movie ………….tamil sooru thinutu …………..tamilaneya kevvalama peshum mozi very piditha aryavai……….adichu keralavuku verattungal  tamilargaley

  17. how long u gonnu say tamilan, 3000 years ago ‘yaathum oore yaavarum kelir’……… be indian….. u stupid as* hole*….

  18. Junk of frick…. When you think truth fully most our movies are not so great( Including the movies he acted)…. Fuck the jobless frick… Then why the world the sons of bitch say Bharth matha ki jai…

  19. ennda..nallu peru onna road la nadu vantha..athuku peru Kathci ya da..
    Ivalo pesara nee tamil la nukkukaha ennada pudungirukka…illa unnoda katchi than enna panniruku..??

    unnoda moonchiya patha..thirutu VCD la padama pakaravan mathiriye irrku..nee ellam theatre la poe padam pakka poriya…??

    Mooditu vera velaya paru da goyala…

  20. Indian engra unarvu important. Thamilan engra unarvu atha vida important. Ongaloda parents family engra unarvu aheyum vida important. You see you shouldn’t discard things. Chennai’la ullavanga veedu than important theruva pathi kavalapada neramilla nu nenekarathal than Chennai dirty’a irku.

  21. Tamil people are dogs. Malayali people are much better looking and intelligent people than dark-skin Tamil people. Arya is a better looking actor than any Tamilnadu actor.

  22. Why Nair? South Indian Muslims are good Muslims. They mix happily with us. It is the Arab, Semitic, Caucasus, Turkik and Pak Muslims that are aggressive. However even that is caused mainly by America’s double standards in the Israely issue.

  23. Hey Guys,

    I had written the above comment just for fun as a bet with my friend over here. Dont take it seriously. But one thing I want to say is, when you guys can comment bad about heriones no one asks “avana nee” but when any girl comments on an hero, why dont you simple keep quiet and do your work? When you see Shriya or trisha wont you think the same. I like Ajith and Arya and I think the same about them. There is nothing wrong in that.

  24. well said guy! i appreciate your comment on HMK. They are the low class generation in India & also uncivilized people. when these guys will get out from the country, then only INDIA become a number one country. we must put these assholes to hang on death.

  25. என்ன பாஸ் !! நீயும் உன் மலையாளி புத்திய காமிசிட்டியே !! 

  26. guys he is not a good actor…..why do bother him this much…if there is no proper director like rajesh he wont survive….he cant give life to a character like surya or dance very well like vijay or smooth acting like ajit……he is just less than a side actor….just he looks good and have money he is getting lead roles man…it is the truth…..plz watch the movie boss very closely….observe his character in the movie…be it sad or happy or serious mood his face is just like a stone……

  27. its very sad abt Arya, I just enjoying his movie madrasipatnam and looking fwd to chiku bukku.  But he has really said than he is a ungrateful person. He earned his money and luxurious life with TAMIL ppl support only. He would be nothing if not for Tamil PPL support…..

    Aravind is right…he may have good looks but he does not have much acting skills. He does not have much facial emos.

    We tamil ppl are very accomodating and support even simple acting talents..thats why he is Kollywood. you malayalees dont think u all fair and beautiful means you ll r gr8.

  28. Thats true. The movie ran only because of Santhanam and the slap stick comedy associated with it. This guy might be in his good phase but I dont think he will sustain longer.

  29. Idiot Nair…

    What the Hell you are talking about…

    May be Tamil people are dark in Skin, but they are far more better than your Malayali dogs…

    You Malayalis would be working for others as an employee, but Our Tamils r the owners….

    Arya is such a waste actor…He confessed that he doesn’t know acting…but his loose talk to satisfy some Malayalees should be condembed

  30. hii bgg haha and shalini thkz for u  r comments…….though he had hurt tamil sentiments its unfair to find fault with him…..he is a good looking mental…….no one would get angry over a mental for its doings…if his up coming movies flops he will keep his bloody mouth shut……dont bother him frs

  31. i donno why there is lot of anger frm mallus guys……..though his native is kerala he hasnt done anything for malayalam flim or people and even u people have called him only bcs of the hit movie or else u wont even bother him…i have high regrds for him after NAN KADAVUL bcas though he is a muslim he had worn hindu costume and thiruneer…but he had made himself an idiot….

  32. Dei Maanga Shalini paiyan  enna maathri onna maathri. Over’a think pannatha. Intuitions’a work panna vidu.

  33. I just wanna say, Grow up….hmm why wasting time on an actor…. hmm poi polappa parungadapppa..ippadu loosu thanamana pirachanaikku mattum vanthiruvanunga ella katchiyum… mukkiya pirachanai endu potheettu iruppanunga… loosers who acts agains what Arya said…

  34. Aama. Chennai Anna Nagar West Bus Terminus’a suthi irkara colony ellathleyum Kosu olikara velaya seyalamla. Athini perum vote poduvanga apdi senja ivanunga.

  35. Vasin,
    Full fledged ah ella discussion board layum errukiye….unnaku vellaiye illaya kanna….edhavadhu poi padi pa…vela venumna sollu enkita..nan unnaku vellla kudukiren

  36. u dirty pig r u feeling this is inteligency… u dont know how to talk about another Indian. Tamilian or Malayalee  we all are Indians.  Iam from Andhra but I feel every Indian is mine. Is your education teach this only, be patriotic. I hurt very much with ur comment.  May be tamilian have dark skin but they have fair hearts to allow any one, and put them on their heads, r u reading this nonsence Indian BASTERD.

  37. dai NAIR thevdia paiyaa surya ,vijay,vikram,SIMBU,sri devi,hemamalini,vidya balan,banu rekha all these people are tamil only da thevdia paiyaa.THEY ALL LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL.THEY ARE NOT LIKE THEVDIA NAYANTHARA DA PUNDA MAVANE.HEY NAIR U R A MOTHER FUCKER DA PUNDA MAVANE.UR MOTHER IS A PROSTITUTE DA. ALL KERALA WOMENS ARE PROSTITUTES.FUCK OF MALAYALIS.

    • poda poruki sam ugly dark tamizha. tamil sluts like rekha, hemamalini, sridevi all married second hand married men. these tamil bitches were not satisfied with dark tamil penis and went on to marry northies. atleast nayanthara z not married to prabhudeva. all tamil gals are prostitutes including ur dark ugly tamil mother.all heroines are imported to tamil nadu from mumbai and kerala cozt tamil slags are ugly as hell even tamil men dont even want to watch their own gals on screen. not only actresses ur swamijiz like nithyanada z also a pimp. so motherfucker fuck ur nasty slutty mom and impregnate her.


  39. I’ve had the privilege of growing up watching both Malayalam and Tamil movies. With this experience I can understand Arya’s point of view. The theme of Malayalam movies are quite different to Tamil movies, they tend to be a bit more serious and not as stylised. Because of this, an actor in Malayalam film can’t just rely on good looks, hit songs, gorgeous heroine and glamour’s sets and costumes to succeed. They must have very strong acting skills, which is probably why they only have the likes of Mohanlal and Mammootty as their main superstars for many years now. It’s incredibly hard for new young actor’s to reach superstar level in Malayalam film.

  40. <<continue>>
    If you’ve been to Kerala, you will realise that a lot of the youth are now enjoying Tamil Movies? Why? Well I think it’s because it’s much more contemporary, it has young contemporary actors and quite frankly the story lines are a bit more enjoyable and fun to watch.  This is certainly a testament to the Tamil film industry. Who cares if it’s harder to act in Malayalam films? At the end of the day Tamil film industry is much more successful from a dollar perspective and Arya was simply stating facts. After all India is meant to be the largest democratic country in the world, so let’s embrace freedom of speech!
    I personally love watching both Malayalam and Tamil movies. Some of my most favourite storylines are from Malayalam movies and some of my most enjoyable movies are from Tamil movies. I think it’s fantastic how the Tamil Industry opens its doors to actor’s from different states. It has allowed them to discover some fantastic actors and I think that’s a great testament to the industry. Let’s just enjoy both industries and appreciate the differences between them.

  41. His Muslim name is JAMSHAD, I believe he is ashamed to call himself a MUSLIM and that is the reason he is using the name ARYA and his brother is going to act in a movie and he also is ASHAMED To use his muslim name and using satya hindu name…GOOD Finally they realized that they cannot even use there name publicly now……. what FAKE PEOPLE… PEOPLE HAVE TO BOYCOT HIS MOVIES…who is so AFRAID TO SAY HIS RELIGON And hiding BEHIND A HINDU NAME… lol


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