Emotional Nayanthara gifts 150 watches and a gold ring


Emotional Nayanthara gifts 150 watches and a gold ring

Kollywood glam doll Nayanthara sings her swan song with the Telugu flick Sri Rama Rajyam. After the controversial debate of Nayan playing the role of Sita emerged earlier, the shoots for the movie have now finally wrapped. One of our reporters at the sets told us, “Nayan was in tears after the shoots. Being her last movie, she could not handle it when the moment arrived and burst out in tears.”

It took some effort from the rest of the members to get their old cheerful Nayan back to normal. As a token of love and appreciation Nayan gifted 150 wrist watches to the members of her crew and a much deserved gold ring to her make up man. A special gesture indeed, as she thanked her make up guy for touching her up with all that ‘glitz’ and ‘spice’ as she sizzled her way into a million hearts (including hubby to-be Prabhu).


So how many of you Nayan fans are going to miss her presence?



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