‘Eeramaana Rojave’ Shiva arrested for torturing wife

Eeramana Rojave Shiva
Eeramana Rojave Shiva

Actor Shiva, who had a dream debut as hero in Kollywood with film-maker Kayaar’s ‘Eeramaana Rojavae’ in the early nineties which had unforgettable songs by ‘Maestro’ Ilaiyaraaja, was arrested by the police yesterday based on the complaints filed by his wife, ‘long-standing torture and physical abuse’.

Shiva who had acted in many movies hits in 90’s  including ‘Mudhal Seedhanam’ and Vijay’s ‘Poovae Unakkaga’  faded into oblivion by the end of that decade but cleverly switched to small-screen where he has been starring in many successful tele-serials on various television channels.

The 43-year old Shiva is married Meenakshi (37) and  the couple have two sons. In her complaint with the police, Meenakshi has said that Shiva used to return to house everyday in an inebriated state late in the night and would beat and torture her for no apparent reason.Meenakshi has also stated in her complaint that due to her husband’s torture, she had scars all over her body.

Residents of Pankajam Colony in Chennai’s Saaligramam locality have supported her case, stating the couple used to fight almost daily.

As a result Vadapalani Police have  arrested Shiva under ‘violence against women’ clause and are investigating the case.


  1. is he the one who sung and danced in the song “adichachu lucky priye kidachachu lovely wife” ……did that happen in his real life….LOL

  2. I know a couple. Antha lady’la thappethuvum illa aana enga munnadiye husband’a appreciate pannara maathri nadanthuka maatanga. I guess that could have happened here. If you can’t admire your partner divorce him/her quickly. Kalyanam pannitom engrathukaga vaalnaal poora onna thaan irkanumnu nenekarathu nalla idea aana pratical illa.

  3. The i’dea’ is ‘hey I promised to God I was going to spend the rest of my life with him/her so I have to uphold it’. The ‘practical’ is living happily without fight like said above. Neenga namma oorala irnthu innoru ara-koraya?

  4. The i’dea’ is ‘hey I promised to God I was going to spend the rest of my life with him/her so I have to uphold it’. The ‘practical’ is living happy together. Neenga namba oorala irnthu innoru ara-koraya?

  5. Divorce lawyers commission tharanga! Ennappa nee! Sernthirukarathilla objective; santhoshama irkarathu thaan objective. Antha ponnuku prime age; enjoy pannara time’la ava police station’la nikkara! Ithu onku sarinu padutha? Ennappa nee!


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