Dhanushs Vengai Movie Stills

Dhanush-Tamannah in Vengai
Dhanush-Tamannah in Vengai

Movie : Vengai
Star Cast: Dhanush, Tamannah, Raj Kiran and Kanja Karuppu
Direction: Hari

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  1. Dhanush is consistent; he never attempts for the metro look; he compensates for his lack of flesh with authentic acting. Tamanna always pretty. Kiran always brings weight to his characters. Should be an entertaining movie.

  2. ஆ ஊன அருவாள தூக்கர்ரங்க! 
    எந்த கிராமத்தில இந்த மாதிரி அழகான பொண்ணு கீது! 

  3. omg, tamanna’s such a doll.. she looks goooorgeous.. the clothes seem old style.. but she makes it work perfectly. love it! 🙂

  4. hey jimiki bru… whats wrong with wearing pavadaichatai. Its an absolutely splendid dress that heavily reflects upon our esteemed culture. If u want, go to pothys and try on a paavadai, then u’ll understand.

  5. dhanush why u make tamil people so terrible……r u trying to be like surya????un face mirrorla pathea????nee yellam aruvala thukkitu oduna vaivelu oda comdey errukum

  6. it’s not the category of clothes i was talking about… it’s the colour choice, the way it’s worn and stuff
    and it’s my style too, it is goooorgeous looking.

  7. what he is saying is partly true. dhanush does not have the look for an actor.. but he does carry himself well even though he doesn’t have the ideal hero face and body.


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