Christian body condemns Nayantharas forced conversion


Nayantara converted to Hindu

Actress Nayanthara (not Nayantara any more) recently embraced Hinduism after living as a devout Christian ever since her birth. The actress, who underwent the conversion process at Chennai chapter of the Arya Samaj, went on record stating that she was getting converted to Hinduism on her own and that her decision was neither forced nor imposed on her by anybody.

It appears that her decision to become a Hindu hasn’t gone down well with the folks at her native place in Kerala. The locals reportedly met her parents yesterday and expressed their severest condemnation about the actress’ conversion to Hinduism. Born as Diana Mariam Kurian, she got her name ‘Nayantara’ only when she became an actress.

It’s obvious that Nayan’s conversion is to facilitate and hasten up the process of her wedding to Prabhu Deva, who recently got the divorce decree from a Family Court in Chennai from Ramalat alias Latha, his wife of 15 years. After the rituals were performed at the Samaj, Nayanthara was also issued a ‘formal certificate’ to confirm the conversion.

Inian John of a People’s United Front, an affiliated body of a Christian organization, has condemned the actress’ act and said that he felt ‘pained’ by her decision to do so. “She appears to have been forced to do so. A true Christian should never have a liking towards anything, says the Bible. It’s also stated that one shouldn’t try to wrest things or anything from others.

“The actress has embraced Hinduism mainly to marry Prabhudeva thereby spoiling the life of Ramalat, which is condemnable,” he has said.


  1. are you guys sure prabhu deva is not like a christian convertor “falling in love” with woman to make them embrace christianity…i mean ramlath changed, now nayanthara, i have my doubts on whether he is a christian convertor or something LOL

  2. Mr. Iniyan John should needs to know what’s happened in the country so for [Now also in many tribal places lot of people are converted to Christianity by particular set of ppl and more money is spent from foreign countries here in our nation]… Then what he is doing here in Kerala… They are converting every year thousands of ppl from other religions to Christianity… Daily lot of ppl are getting converted from one religion to other… Why he haven’t opened his mouth so for????
    What said in Bible is said in Bhagwat Gita and Quran as well… So, don’t simply shout to get focussed in media….. Its’ their own individual decision of their life.  Suddenly shouting to get publicity 🙂 🙂

  3. thn wht the fuk u guyz (christians) do to othersss …… iniyan john should know abt his family am sure thy r converted christian fr some bread and wine ,,,,,,,,, no offence ,,,this is the reality….. 

  4. Mind your language; if you don’t like keep within yourself and don’t post comments hurting other people faith..Admin, you should block these kind of comments..As Respect said “Respect other religions! You will be respected!”

  5. She has already done what she wanted to do.Now there is no point in arguing.She shouldn’t have converted.She could have married Prabhu deva as a Christian.I think Ramlath also should not have converted.True love accepts a person for who they are.When u can love a person from another religion,i think you should have respect for the person’s religion and faith as well and let them follow their faith.Poor Ramlath,she even sacrificed her religion for love and now she is in a pitiable state.This is a lesson to those who keep Love above everything else.

  6. it’s between Prabhu Deva, Ramlath and Nayantara… to an extent, their extended families… they have to solve it… Why the heck we need to worry about it?

  7. @ faith itz an emotinoal feedback from d karthik … u guys christians as u know that ur religion wont survivie any more in US and european countries ur target was in INDIA … u guys nicely converted every hindus to christians , and now u r blaming and gving condemns against nayanthara a single women converted … just think every chrisitans now whose forefathers r hindu only ,,,, u guys can convert u cant digest if single women converted to christ – hindu ??   go and see ur christy status n US and european countries young generation almost forget thier religion …. Only n india  converted chrisians makes noise … shut ur mouth …….

  8. intha thevdiyaa kudumabathai keduthaa antha thevdiyapaiyan prb Deva ellaathaiyum keduthaan ippo matham pirachanai veraa ?  Yei Chrisitanity thaandi ulagathukke velicham kodutha matham athai poi thookki eriyareye naaye

  9. It is after all their personal y do this guys poke their nose in to everything… Just because she is celebrity it doesn’t mean u have right to question her… it is their personal choice..

    This guy condeming the act just because she as converted back from christainity.. I don’t think he would have worried about rmalath if she as not converted….

    Guys Don’t use religion for ur personal benefit like the west

  10. there is more to marriage than is dream…marriage is real and practical..changes has to be done to avoid controversy right from the start  by both partys. Either one has to compromise and give in for peaceful union.

    Kathal penna pothu elame ok. Marriage ne vathuta elame vera ma…

  11. dai John ennada, when did indians become Chirtians….. Every chirstian in India is a converted hindu…. first know history before talking.

  12. @Respect and @Faith: Karthik could have been a bit harsh but he is absolutely right. Let me ask you this…. even today some christians are trying to convert hindus in out country, whats your take on that? Looks like anyone can convert to Christianity but if one converts fron christian then its a big sin?????

  13. Riots in London; pasanga pugunthu veladuraanga; breakfast rump steak (£12/Kg) saapdraanga.  Don’t waste time in talking religion; talk fucing, stockings, licking, sucking….namba aalungaluku eppo ethu relevant nu theriyathu. Eat rump steak 750g a day; you can do it 8 times a day easy.

  14. @faith i know u people how behave…i have studied in christian institution and they have preached Jeasus is the only God……but no mighty power cant stop Tsunami that killed thousands of lives that too innocent childrens…..So no God could stop anything……..its better to keep ur mouth shut….each people have their own rights and freedom to follow……

  15. @ht…Naanum adhan solla varen.Love pannumbodhu nalladhu kettadhu edhume theriyadhu.kalyanam panikittu vazhumbodhudhan unmai nilavarame puriyum.Iniki kadhalkaga Nayan matham mathirkanga,naalaiku Ramlath nilamai evangaluku varadhunu enna nichaiyam??Ramlath kooda matham mari kalyanam pannikitavanga dhane??Madham mathinadhan kalyanam nadakanuma??I thought Love(as what peolpe say),neram,kaalam,jadhi,matham ellathukum melainu?Apper patta Love should accept the person for who they are instead of enforcing rules on them.



  18. What is cristianity doing to those in rural area ? Isn`t that force conversion ? ok its a bribe conversion ha.Its her personal issue, so the Inian John , just keep his ass shut.

  19. Especially, many so called Hindus converted to christians in India are giving bread & milk to less priviledged people and forcefully converting them to Christians. Hindus who dont understand the real depth of Hinduism, simply listen to attractive speaches and get converted. Whatever concept is preached in other religions are already present in Hinduism. Hinduism is a Universal set …rest are all subsets. To be very frank, not all hindus understand the whole of Hinduism.

  20. Accept what is the reality people. The things that happened in the past are already proof. No one can dare to deny the truth.

  21. Faith…first of all you need to mind your language…as vijay says below….none of the Indian Christians are pure Christians…all of them were converted from Hinduism. So you dont have any rights to talk bad here. You should be happy that you are made to talk and respected in a Hindu country like India. Just imagine what will your life if you stayed in Pakistan or any Middle east country. They would have converted you to a Muslim. So be grateful that you are staying happily and peacefully in India and enjoying all the benefits which a Hindu majority country does for you. So be calm and respect your forefathers who are all Hindus. Hope you come back to your original religion soon.

  22. christainity has spoiled Indian culture, traditon, identity …. It is west which want to spread their culture and used christainity as tool to achieve their goal…. Any christain person as Indian name ?? … Any christain know Indian history ?? Any christain know where the origined ?? Any christain follows Indian culture ???……..these things are hard to digest by the christains as they are grown in a controlled environment enforced by their parents with false fears..

    Sorry guys I know I am harsh but thing is u are free to follow any religion but it is not in the cause of loosing your identity… r u guys proud of the pseudo image u have by speaking incorrect english with english names ?? I am sorry u r not going anywhere

  23. kerala vila christians hindhus aa brainwash panni christian aa convert pannuvanga…. appo avangalukku antha vali theriyaadhu….. eppo oru christian hindhuva convert aanal mattum engeyirunthu feelings varutho ennamo………..  hindus avangala vida better aa erukkarathinaala than christian ponnungalellam hindus aa love panni kalyanam pannikkiranga…….. 

  24. Poda loose…….God created earthmeans why did he created stupid morons like u……i never used bad words against bloggers dont make to do so…idiot….

  25. All the religion in the word are teaching only one thing “The Peace”
    Almost all people in the world are not following the sayings of their own religion. I respect god and religions, but not those people who declare themselves as agent to reach god (i.e. Nithayananda, Paul Dinakaran, etc).

  26. dai vasin r u saying this… u moron u don’t want other language people in TN is it not against law ?? dai panni kutti

  27. dai vain unnaku thaan ulga arivuum illa soatha arivuum illa nee parthuku comment pannu ethuka da enakku reply panni unkanga enna errukara… I can’t reply to a 5 year old kid

  28. dai korangu kutti nee oru loosu nu enga irukara yallarum sollaranga…. naanum sollanuma ?? poi oru nalla doctor ah paru da sayetha moochi

  29. this is not for what u r talking now this is for the things u were saying through out the site..u culture less dog

  30. dai panni kutti west inga vanthay kollai addika… Kollai adikka varavan onnam illatha eduthiku vara maantaan… avinga onnum unna mathri loosu illa appadi vara

  31. Poda loosu War ellame kollai adika than. Alexandar war pride kaga pannirintha kuda kollai adikama irnthiruka mudiyathu. Loosu. Sariya trouser podave theriyala nambalungaku. King Pandyan kuningapo oru tourist avanoda balls paarthitan. Antha alavuku namba culture. Pesatha. Loosu.

  32. 🙂 unna parthu ennala sirika mattum thaan pudiyum… one can’t explain things to mentally retard…. do u understand what i am saying ?? y u pull alexander here I never talked of any war …. better test your iq 

  33. Programming strings therinja mattum pothathu. Language strings theriyanum. Logical strings theriyanum. Puriyutha? IQ ha ha ha!

  34. dai mokka unnooda IQ ennuku poorichudichu…. unna mathri oru loosu payankitu pesi time waste panniten…. dai nee enna padichi irukka ?? what is u r native and qualification ?? 

  35. spoiler dont argue with that moron….he is a total shit in this forum…..its no point in argue with that useless fellow

  36. Naan enna onkitta velaya keten? You first go and think hard mate; just think honestly; is it right of us to say British robbed us? You don’t have to accept since more tha 100,000,000 say so it has to be right. Think on your own. Po

  37. Inian John….”A true Christian should never have a liking towards anything,” bible says…….then why the fuck u like her to follow u r religion

  38. then u accept Indian were good at agriculture and commerce ??

    do you know ?? The world’s first University was established in Takshila in 700BC. More than 10,500 students from all over the world studied more than 60 subjects. The University of Nalanda built in the 4 th century BC was one of the greatest achievements of ancient India in the field of education.

    as u asked about satellite do you know Professor Jagdeesh Bose ?? USA based IEEE has proved what has been a century-old suspicion amongst academics that the pioneer of wireless communication was Professor Jagdeesh Bose and not Marconi.

  39. Not the point.

    Sattelites born out of the pursuit of air space; just a by product; yes; Brits came here to rob; but the result of their 400 years rule is net +

    I don’t about Bose but we had a few great Indian scholars.

    University in Takshila? Now this is what is wrong with us. Evidences may exist about it; so you could claim we had culture; but what if if such universities were meant for princes and VIP’s; anyway what the Uni produced/passed to the Indian culture? Poets, Sculptors….

    Agriculture & Commerce? When I see our Tanjore temple actually I feel bad. Our ancestors were like slaves; you call that development?

  40. 🙂 Let’s come to the point tanjore temple built at 1010 AD then u accept Tamil were good at architecture and geomentry

  41. 🙂 satellite were born because of wireless comunication … how do u communicate with the satellite without knowing how to communicate with it when it is in orbit … and Bose was pioneer and contributed towards wireless communication, he is considered as one of the fathers of radio science

  42. do you know who invented the world is round ?? who first calculated the no of days in a year ?? how many hours make a day ??

    Moreover do u know who invented zero ?? Einsteins once said we owe lot to Indians who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made!

  43. Again… dwell on it….If you want to be proud of Indian an average Indian like me should be good. Saying Tendulkar is the greatest to feel proud is folly mate…you fail to understand it….an averagae Thamilan should not piss on streets, he must have a ready smile, if you ask him something he would explain it coherantly in good thamil, he would speak in a nice tone, he would not waste time hanging about in tea shops, if he boozes he would do it in style, if he is not happy with his girl he would part way decently; no stove accident……….These are called developments.

  44. Vasin don’t judge us with India which is now since it is remainging what british left for us… even today we are pioneering in many feild… there are so many good things that our ancestors have done don’t judge them by what we are doing now

  45. I will read about Bose but the race between Russia and US brought about enormous allocation of public resources to NASA and the Russian counterpart. The breakthrough in wireless communication was important. You may arguably claim Marconi or Bose contribution is the single most important effort of all the collective effort but you know on their basic work millions and millions of scientist hours have already been piled on. 

  46. I think you read newspaper more paricularly tamil news paper… these guys project us in that way.. 

    even I don’t like people pissing in street… they do becoz they aren’t proud of being Tamil or Indian as a proud guy would not do these things…. Y they aren’t proud ?? becoz they are inclined towards west and beleive they are best…. see even u were arguing they were the best and took the invention of satelite but there were some Indians were also involved…..

    Another example to you… first surgery was done in India and Ayurveda is the earliest school of medicine known to humans but today due to influnce of medicine from west Ayurveda as lost

  47. I know millions of scientist were involved do u know ?? how many Indians work in Nasa and how many scientist in US are Indians 12% scientists in USA are Indians, 36% of NASA scientists are Indians

    do you know how many IIT and IIM students stand infront of forign embassy just to get visa ??

  48. One simple step for ur problem u educate your children and childrens in your family not to piss on road and make them begave well…. You know our kings were having many wives… we were so but these things came in middle… another eg Kamasutra was born in India but we don’t teach sex in school but our ancestors were not like that

  49. I am extremely sorry vasin for hurting you… but this happens as …. will u be calm when someone talks ill about your mother ??  ….. I am sorry for bad wrods,,,

    my best wishes to u

  50. Did any Hindu or Muslim Questioned Nagma when she converted to Christianity ? Why Christians question Nayan when she got converted to Hinduism? 

  51. i’m not commenting about Nayantara conversion;nor any people converting to any other religion..i’m a hindu..
    i respect people’s feeling..converting to other religion is one’s own right..
    everyone should first learn to behave as human and then only religion and other things come into picture..i consider myself as Indian rather than talkin about any religion..there are so many temples in US a very big christian nation, dont bring religion in this century.. atleast let the future generation live happily with humanity and peace; i dont know after how many generation you guys will change..if you don’t like people getting converted shut your other we also have rights to post comments, need not be a hindu, christian or muslim..

  52. why you studied in christian one forced you to; but since your parents wanted you to get good education and disipline you studied there.after getting good education still you behave like illiterate….i also studied in christian school there are moral sciene classes for everyone.. try to have some moral one forces you to pray to my belief there is one god in different forms..if some people are bad it does not mean all are bad..its how you perceive..first learn to respect people’s feelings.. 

  53. see non violence , calm and do like a humanbeing i thing this is also in christian. do u know no christian,no hindu no muslim first we r all humans. pls be with human. yathum oore yavarum u know tamil. if not find the meaning for that. everyone has rights to do so. why u r so keen about it. i think you r the idiot. fool .not at all hindu.s
    IDIOT i am telling u.not ur religious people.try to be war

  54. hahaha exactly do u know one thing no christianity in the world after baptism only they are every one born in natural thts hindu .no declaration. naturally.hahah
    i wil suport u sandra

  55. I born as a Christian & i wil die as a Christian,,,So u Hindu Basterds lets c who wil win come lets have fight…I wil try to convert more Hindus to our christian community, What u guys can do for us… U Hindu beggars….

  56. If christianity wouldnt have come there would not be good schools and hospitals which was started by so many missionaries who sacrificed their lives. Imagine if christianity would not have come to India all Indians would have been slaves to Brahmins

  57. When did hinduism cam in India…go and look back ths history it was muslims who were ruling India once and Hindus came very lately…

  58. not here to debate which god is better..but u r wrong,Hinduism is the oldest was after hinduism other religion followed..pls check wikipedia n find out the history of INDIA..summa comment pannanum’nu pannadhinge!

  59. Dai Truth  nee purinjindu than pesiriya illa therinjutte theriyadha madhiri pesariya?  Are you trying to say that Muslims were the foremost people in India… Try to give a read about Vedas …. you will know how ancient Hinduism is…….Ungalukkellam edam koduthu aravanaikkkara religion ah neen ga ippadi thanda pesuveenga….. Muslims kitta unga vala kattunga otta narukkiduvanga……. Retain the respect when it is given,…. 

  60. Christian missionaries wants to spread their religion is a cheap way by converting all other religion folks to Christinaity by giving Money and Food .. No Harsh on Jesus. I do believe in him but Hate the fkin dirty way these Chiristian missionaries adopt to spread their religion. So now one lady converted to Hinduim these guys are getting pissed off .. Bloddy Hell !!!

    let nayanthara convert … marry…  whatever she want … Why the heck you worry about her? Moodittu avan avan avan velaya paarunga da ….

  61. this shows your attitude and how arogant you are, if u r not able to justify things y do u want to fight ?? 🙂   u look like a joker

  62. Nayan is in the urge of sex OR money or some bullshit. She brought herself curse by stealing another women’s husband.
    Let’s see how long this fake love life lasts. Prabhu deva – hell with you.

  63. @Sam..Each man/woman is having their own right to speech…But no one gave rights to speak irrespect on others…Well, there are some people who preaches Christianity and by the way Hindu people are turning around to Christians..But what makes Hindus to turn up??? No belief in Hinduism???? Well, i guess you think Hindus turned into Christians is a sin? Absolutely Christians turned into Hindus is a sin!!
    @Vijay, so you think people who are getting converted are fools???

    Always lets correct our mistake first then go to correct others….

  64. Dei Loosu, ethni days last panna enna? oru naalnalum you should fuc who you want so Nayan might be right. Ennathu another woman’s. Nobody is nobody’s. Aana epdi intha joker prab la Nayan ku attraction vanthichunu than puriyala. May be he has a solid dick.

  65. Dei West a Christianity a copy pannanum nu solda muttal but naanga ean West Christians aaganum. Let us remain as Indians and be proud about it but we should be smart to grab what they have invented; we shouldn’t waste time; copying is not wrong; vetti roshathala wasting time is wrong.

  66. Dei Muttal Christians and Muslims, West a Christianity a copy pannanum nu sollungda but naanga ean West Christians Muslims aaganum? Let us remain as Indians and be proud about it but we should be smart to grab what they have invented; we shouldn’t waste time; copying is not wrong; vetti roshathala wasting time is wrong. Namba Indian suit is vetti even although when handsome blokes like Nehru and Rajiv wore it it looked good; why not just take up the conventional suit from West and go about our other tasks without trying to reinvent?

  67. hey Nanbenda.. stop ur riots and stupid thinkings… u r no one to interfere on others.. do u thing only u can speak bad words … mind ur tongue and words … therinjutha inimaelavathu unnoda religious a vittutu manusana iruuka paaru

  68. Loosu pasanga madhiri, enda comment eludhureenga, convert agaruthellam avanga avanga ishtam, appadi patha, 90% of people in india were HINDUS long ago, Muslims & christians came to India before some years , Like that they have settled in India.. appo antha 90% hindhu enga ponanga ?? ellam convert anavanga than.. appo ee indha christian body condemnd pannala, saying u should not convert to Christian.. summa intha manusan publicityiki vendi ededho panran avlothan , SO The Religion is our Belief.. Its upto us whether we need to believe which god and which religion.. So andha religion mattera vittutuuu, Indiansa yosinga….  Indian Pledgla padikaleee ALL INDIANS ARE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERSnnu , SO Among US NO RELIGION NO CAST, I LOVE INDIA

  69. @ Respect: U Dont talk about conversion, Many Places Christians are giving money to people and forcing them to come to church every sunday, So the Poor guy who doesnt have any money to live will and its human nature that whereever he is finding some way to live he is getting converted, that too they are starting from childrens, 90% christian people in India are converted christians.. I am not telling that is wrong its their right to do.. so we cant blame any one here.. whoever it is GOD is one..

    • Christians would walk the globe without anything more than the cloths on their back if it meant even one more soul would be saved. Money is a tool that we only use and don’t really care about beyond that usefulness. Your very premise is flawed.

  70. My dear evil mind Christian Organisation leaders, You converted and still continue to convert millions of hindu, But when a christian wants to be a hindu, You guys comdem about it. Religion is induvidual right no mother fucker christian leaders have rights to comdem others. Since you guys are fucking bastards who brain wash and convert innocent week hindus.

  71. to c, hindu’s are week and not able to fight back with these Christian bastards who equipied with plenty of money and brain wash techniques  from West. I guess you are 1 of those..

  72. christianity about discovering yourself in God?? is that true? But Christian Organizatian spends billions of dollars on 3rd world countries to convert them. Shame on them, They are not , what they are preaching!

    • NO, Mankind, that is not following Jesus. Jesus called His followers to fulfill the Great Commission to teach the Gospel of Salvation to the four winds of the entire Earth. That is faithful Christianity, NOT a self indulgent path of self discovery though religious works. International missions are not acts of hypocrisy they are the very soul of Christian faithfulness to their beliefs.

  73. Christian body condemns Nayantharas forced conversion……… forced conversion……… forced conversion……..hahahahhahahahahahhahahah… forced conversion….hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahah……… forced…………………hahahahahahahhahahaha………….conversions…………….hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhah…………………………..Look who’s fuckin talkin!!!!! omg..hahahahahhaha


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