Anjali opines Rajapakse should be tried for his war crimes


Anjali on Rajapakse

Actress Anjali has opined that she feels that Lankan president Mahinda Rajapakse should be tried for the ‘war crimes’ he committed during the anti-LTTE offensive two years back. “My support is always there for the Tamils; I have inked my gesture of support in this regard,” said Anjali after signing the declaration calling for Rajapakse’s trial in the International Court of Justice.

The political Vidudhalai Siruthaigal Katchi (VCK) has been conducting a signature campaign collecting signatures from as many people as possible which would be submit in the form of a memorandum to the ICJ pressing for the trial of Rajapakse for his role in ‘masterminding’ the killing of thousands of innocent Lankan Tamils.

VCK has been getting signatures from Kollywood artistes. A group of office-bearers of the party has already got signatures from actors Sathyaraj, Bharath, Parthiban, Manivannam, actress Roja and directors Seenu, Bharathiraaja, T. Rajendhar, Velu Prabhakaran and R.K. Selvamani. Actress Anjali joins the list of Kollywood personalities who have signed the memorandum. Kalanjiyam, whose ‘Karungaali’ co-starring Anjali hit the screens recently, also affixed his signature.

Speaking about her emotional support to the Lankan cause, Anjali said “Thousands of innocent Tamils have been massacred by the Lankan army. We all read about it the papers but when the video footage of brutal killings were shown on the telly recently, it was heart-rending. After watching it, I couldn’t control my emotions and cried for a long time and didn’t even bother to eat.

“Rajapakse should definitely be tried for the war crimes he has committed. I personally appreciate the purpose of the signature campaign and have put my signature towards the cause,” concluded Anjali, becoming the first Tamil actress (though her mother tongue is Telugu) to voice her opinion openly and boldly on the issue.

Kudos to her!


  1. President Raja Paksha is a great man. He taught the fools – the Sri Lanka Thamilar – a lesson but still they have not learnt. Therefore I am going to ask Paksha the Great to kill 50000 more Thamilar. Sri Lanka Thamilar are the second worst people in the world. The worst is Pakistanis.

  2. All these days u r comments are only abt meat abd sex…….spewing hatred towards one sect of people is very bad…wht do u think of urself……u dont have any ethics or moral in u r life…..if u have reservation abt tamils just keep in u r mind itself…..since its a open forum….u r comments are soo stupid….

  3. Sooo nice Anjali…but VCK is doing for political milage only…If Tol.Thiruma is much concerned abt tamils he should have atleast slapped Rajapakshe during his meet with him…gutless fellow….Using SC people for his selfish nature…..


  5. Recently we were having a chat in a pub; we were not really drunk; as it happens frequently one racist white guy got to this Sri Lankan guy talking in uncouth high pitch and said something; this one immediately got agitated and grabbed a bottle; I just said ‘hey ….. put it down’; he swung the bottle onto my head; mad fellow; I defended but still a broken glass cut my forehead; then bouncers, police, quarrel, hospital…….I still have the cut on my forehead and I need plastic surgery now; Crazy guys. 

  6. Ohhhh then u believe all Srilankans are bad….wht a pit….u r statement shows u r high level of ignorance….

  7. No No…I dealt with a few of them; a good sample; I mean poor ones to rich ones to PHD’s; they are raw; disgustingly raw!

  8. so u wnt like germans bcas they had killed lot of jews…..u wont like englishmen bcas they have killed lot of indians…..people make mistakes…its common….do u think only whites would drink in a very decent manner……

  9. Why should I hate Germans for killing Jews? I love English because they brought culture to India and got rid of the stupid Muslim rule. See the state of Muslim countries; still they are kingdoms or ruled by despots. See the state of our villages where English influence penetrated least and compare it with Chennai the english established city. Whites are not only superior but democratic, law abiding, decent, respectful to woman and unevolved foreigners, strong….everything. They are the number one race. It is good for the world if they lead. We should adapt their ways. we have nothing good or original of our own.

  10. wow you talk about the west as a good people….just look at all the African countries… who supplies the weapon to the people the west…did you see the movie “lord of war“ even who supplies the weapon to the tamil tiger the west did…it`s not a GOV to GOV deal but the US GOV have a trusted person who deal weapon to the rebel…for what profit from the arm deal…look at the countries in Africa they make them fight each other then they exploit their resource. so many mining company from the west.. 

  11. what did the indian gov do in the 1980 they trained 4 to five tamil  groups in india one of them was the tamil tiger….why 4 to 5 so we fight amoung us…but too bad at the end the tamil tigers represented us. u should read the history…u know why they trained us because at that time the grudge between Pakistan and India and they were fearing silankan gov will help Pakistan. also for the base in sri lanka called the   

  12. Hey vasin being a Tamilian never talk aginst srilankan tamilians. Having seeing the killing videos in youtube definitely rajapakse must be prosecuted

  13. u r a sick mind man…… point in argue with morons like u……u r one of the blind begger who feels englishmen are top of the world……people like u are responsible for tarnishing image of tamils….if u dont like tamils mean why thwe hell u r commenting in a blog that is very mch connected to tamils…

  14. I have some reading on the Sri Lankan history. Don’t say all actions are politically motivated. Thamilnaadu people see you as our blood and are always on your side. The now deceased LTTE Leader Praba Karan messed it up. He thought he was equal to the Pime Minister of India the leader of One Billion people. A veru knowledgeable sri Lankan said and I am convinced if there is one event that destroyed the Thamil Eelam war it was the failure of the Indian Government to treat Praba Karan as a Statesman in New Delhi when he went there for talks; it affected his ego; he took revenge by fighting against and  killing Rajiv Ghandi and jeopardised the prospects of all Tamils.

  15. I like my people and I like English; why should it conflict? My aim is make Thamilar quickly adapt English style so that we can have the edge over disgusting Muslim influenced North Indians and others in the region. Is it a bad idea? 

  16. Sonia is a an Italy bitch their are enough proof she was involved in the murder so she can become the net PM…read the about the superswamin on youtube…she is part of the italyan mafia…watch the video in my play list under root cause of tamil struggle…it`s a video done by a singla doctor he was the cousin of the EX PM of sri lanka…just cause u had a bad experience with one tamil don`t judge the whole…we fallowed Gandhi method till 1983.. until the black July of 1983 then we were forced to pick up arm.  ….watch this video their are two part

  17. Sen

    You have a duty to respect a few people even if you don’t like them like your wife, mother and father. You can disagree but shouldn’t do the mistake Praba Karan did.

    First ms Jayalaitha is the second leader of all thamilar so you have to render proper respect. Secondly since we are a part of India ultimately Sonia is the Leader of Thamilar. Manmohan is a puppet; everyone knows that. So don’t disrespect Ms Ghandi.

    I am going to watch your videos tonight.

  18. Publicity stunt 🙂 this guys are only heros and heroines in film but in real life they are comedians 🙂 By saying this do u hope u will get more fans what the hell ??? using the lankan issue for ur personal cause will not help anyone…. when does u guys will realise this

  19. @Vasin……Wow superhero!!!Bashed up a goon and saved a guy.America soley depends on ur might and wit.One man army.Surgery is needed but not to ur forehead,ur brain.

  20. @Vasin….A question to u.U stated that we should adapt the ways of Westerners.Is it in certain matters or all??

  21. No matter any human, I mean Human will like to kill another Human. The kind of words u use ..saying to kill ppl, do u have heart, u bastard. Even Ppl in pakistanis are good, but ppl like u in Pakistan should be killed.. not all pakistani’s are bad u ass. U dont speak about who is worst, there can be no one worst than u in this world.. funkin bastard

  22. @ vasin i dun knw what sort of human you are. oh yh jus remebered ur a dog. im kindly asking you please dun tlk lyk tis. hve u seen the videos of tortures the tamils went under. if ur mum was in that situation will u tlk lyk tis u mad shit. learn to respect others or fuck off u attention seeking bastard. paradesi p***ai. sorry for the bad words ppl but this is hw we need to tlk to dogs like vasin

  23. well dude i think its sad that so many people were not guaranteed a life to live, its so sad that someone decided their fate, but if they do trial the guy its not going to make a difference because another follower is gonna sprout up in his place with even more motivation anyway, my deepest sympathies to the ones that were hurt or exploited in anyway regardless of their character, race, or any other factor

  24. bro even if u tell me or not….. i still have respect for  ms Jayalaitha….she has done something DMK was not able to do…we all know the congress had many proof of DMK`s corrputed activities that why karunadi was forced to become a puppet for congress…anyone who does good for humanity i will respect….i am an eelam tamil but i am ready to give voice to and one who speaks my mother tongue no matter where u live tamil nadu, Singapore, Malaysia…this is what we are asking from tamil nadu.  

  25. Dear Sen,
    Saw all ur above mentioned comments n videos…felt pity about tamil eelam..yes i feel pity that u r expressing your pain to a bastard like vasin…will u plead to someone,who thinks ur mother is a witchcraft or worse as an wore.which you know is not true??just like someone in that video,who gets pleasure of hurting or killing someone for whatsoever reason…will you express your point of view in this manner??for godsake pls make ur community to grow up..educate them..give them proper shelter n food..need help we are there..dont waste your time n dignity to express that even u r hurts sen no matter whether u r an tamilian or belongs to different religion or different race…im not saying to take up arms..if u do then whats the difference between you all,vasin and those beasts??we all here are so lucky that we speak the same so called tamil but not deprived like so many who dont even know whether they will be alive in next moment..BTW im not from TN or from srilanka..i born n bought frm b’lore..lets respect n get respect from everyone..An Honest man can never fear the eyes of a stranger..happened is happened lets atleast make our children n their children to lead a peaceful life..lets plow with love so that our childrens can harvest it peacefully..@vasin inspite of seeing those videos if u still differentiate people then u r not a humanbeing..

  26. Guys, listen to Vasin,, he is genious…U guys need to learn lot of things from him.. Listen to him & act according 2 his words…

  27. Good Idea… U tell me wat our Tamil people needs to do in TN to adopt English Culture…@ Vasin u r very knowledgable person….Every1 s underestimating u but i never do dat cos i can make out u r potential by u r comments… I need a people lik u wit me….Vasin Rocks…

  28. @Vasin…In that case,bec u said we have to follow westerners in all matters…would u exchange ur girlfriend with ur friend’s??

  29. Hi Sen

    I watched and red about the Sri Lanka Thamilar issues for hours last night; could you answer the following?

    Question One
    You can see how angry my own country Thamilar like @Aravind are with me for writing against Sri Lanka; they love you; I don’t but they love you; are you sure you love them? Be honest in your answers; what did you do to help the struggling Thamilar who came to Sri Lanka from my country? They are still living in miserable conditions in Sri Lanka Hills.

    Question Two
    The LTTE Sri Lanka war ran from 1983 to 2009 so that is approximately 26 years. Therefore when there was an opportunity rose in 2009 to eliminate LTTE President Mahinda Raja Paksha took it; in the process the military had to kill a significant number of innocent Thamilar amongst whom the LTTE was hiding. Didn’t Americans have to do that in Vietnam? I think the present day war facilities in Sri Lanka should be compared to the war facilities and codes in 70’s America. Sri Lanka don’t have the facilities to wage a war like America did in Iraq where it managed to keep the civilian casualties to the very minimum; so how can you say President Paksha was wrong?

    Question Three
    Why are you trying to maintain a different identity? Thamilnaadu is the home and heaven for us Thamilar. Why don’t you speak like we do? In the ‘Thamil Eelam Bus’ video both the bus owner and the interviewer are talking in an appallingly incorrect Thamil. Its OK you live in Canada or UK for economic reasons but why don’t you come to Chennai to learn Thamil and learn our values. Even those in Sri Lanka must come to Chennai and learn. I believe our values also should change towards West but first you have to learn our values and language; if Praba Karan knew our values he would not have killed our Prime Minister. Why are you trying to be different from us? 

  30. ‘I am going to ask Paksha the Great to kill 50000 more Thamilar’ I actually didn’t mean it man; sorry.

  31. Dei Maanga DK

    Enna read pannirike? Epdithaan degree panniyo. When you read you must put things into proper context and consider the stories of the other sides too. Onniya ellam US ulluku epdi utaanga? Epdi visa edutha? Ettan class padichavan maathri iruku onnoda comment!

  32. Anagareegamana kelvinu enakkum theriyum.Neegadhane soneenga.We have to follow westerners in everthingnu.Adhukudhan kettean.Adhu ok na edhukku mattum yean tension aagureenga.You are a person who takes everything lightly right so answer.

  33. My GF is my equal; I don’t own her; actually it is a bit like she owns me; she is no ‘stuff’ to exchange; enna kelvi?

  34. Stuff-na dhan exchange pannuveengala?Some westerners have no problem in exchanging girlfriends.They think its cool.So i thought you would also agree to that since u preach on follwing them so much.Anyway,convey my regards to ur GF.Ennudaiya azhndha anudhabangal!Bec u said she is ur equal,it shows that u love and care for her.Do marry her.Vittutu odidadheenga.

  35. You never know..girls suddenly go fat or uninteresting…because they want to settle…I never settle…always on the run…

  36. Then why do you withhold? Add onto it. You have immacculate language skills and sharp thinking; influence positively; Indians have to come out of the shell.

  37. Then why do you hold back? Add onto it. You have immacculate language skills and sharp thinking; influence positively; Indians have to come out of the shell.

  38. yenna US ulle vittadhu vudu..unne uyiyode vittangle athe vechi santhosham padu..i seriously doubt whether u some way belong to kollytalk??are u doing all these to increase the number of hits to this site at the cost of Tamil??

  39. Hey vasin what u know abt our leader prabha….he missed his family for our people…bleady fucker…dont open your mouth again…otherwise i will fuck u bleady scoundrel


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