Ananya tries her Luck in Bollywood

Actress Ananya

‘Nadodigal’ Ananya, the young actress who had made waves with her performance in  ‘Nadodigal’ has made her significant impression in Malayalam too. Her new Malayalam film ‘Shikaar’ is doing very well in Kerala. Playing Mohanlal’s daughter in ‘Shikaar’, Ananya has got a tremendous response from the audience.

Well of late, moving ahead on her career path, Ananya has signed a Bollywood film to be directed by Ajith, a former assistant to Ram Gopal Varma.

The movie will be a bi-lingual in Hindi and Tamil. Ananya plays the heroine in both the versions.


  1. Ananya….
    Cute Homely looking Girl…..Also decent actress….Maintain the same decency, and u will reach peaks..All the Best….

  2. these all homely things will be until get a chance, once got way in cine field, they will show their reality for making money!! lets wait & watch them!!

  3. Hey neelam en di cine field vara. Oru padam nee nadichadhey jaasthi. unaku saani allara role dhan bollywood la. Adhu kuda doubt dhan. moonjiya paaru.. thu…


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