7aam Arivu collections stand 3rd in past 80 years of Tamil cinema


7aam Arivu collections stand 3rd in past 80 years of Tamil cinema

Fablianski Mr. Spanksy! Here is a piece of news that will give every Surya fan a glitter in his eye. Surya’s 7aam  Arivu that set spirits ablaze with it’s 2011 Diwali release has placed itself right among top gainers list in the past 8 decades. It has now attained a 3rd place in the list of top movies in 80 years of Tamil Cinema. The list goes :

1. Enthiran – The Robot

2. Sivaji – The Boss

3. 7aam Arivu

This news was announced by Red Giants owner Udhayanidhi Stalin himself. (check out the pic).7aam Arivu came as a welcome Diwali gift to fans not just in the state but also globally. It helped highlight the cause of age-old traditions and customs being lost without a thought and trying to seek solutions from our elders for the ailing problems of the present day world. Director Murugadoss has been showered with praises for choosing a subject that remained untouched for so long. The flick also introduced fans worldwide to the martial arts hero and expert medic Bodhidharman played brilliantly by star Surya. Post the release tinsel town was abuzz with the ancient art of Nokku Marmam with even school kids trying to scare the sh** out of each other, as they gazed violently eye-to-eye in an effort to hypnotize their pals.

Surya fans Happy aaaa 🙂


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