7aam Arivu audio postponed to September due to Velayutham audio release in 2 weeks


7aam Arivu audio postponed to September due to Velayutham audio release in 2 weeks

Even though 7aam Arivu hero Suriya himself had promised an audio launch function latest by 20th August , now there is news of the project being delayed to the 2nd week of September . It is learnt that Audio label Sony BMG, having a string of back to back releases in Mankatha,7aam Arivu and Velayutham have now worked out a sensible plan so that none of them suffer , ensuring all the gain for the record company.

The audio launch postponement of 7aam Arivu to the second week of September has been carried out keeping in mind Vijay’s Velayutham, with it’s audio release planned in a couple of weeks Even though the Mankatha audio release dates are already out for an August 10th ,Velayutham was dangerously lurking in the ‘expectation zone’ for quite a long time. Howsoever there is some relief for fans with the audio track list being release, here is the list.

 1.Sonna Puriyadhu

2.Maayam Seiyadhey


4.Rathathin Rathame

5.Mayaki Putta

Harris fans, hold on!





  1. first time i am commenting in this kollytalk….(because surya fans r very silent )
    appidi ilada……firstavae 7 am arivu songs vanthuchina ellarum athathan vanguvanga aporam (vijay padam sumar atha vida avan padathula patu padu sumar),Sony BMG ku lost adyidum thats way they r releasing velayutham first so lost ana amounta 7 am arivu songa vachuthan gain panna mudium……ok….
    if i hurt u i am really sorry……

  2. Dai, neeyaa onnu mudivu pannikuviyaa? vetkamaa illaiyaa da surya fans naayngala? avanlaam oru aalu avanukku oru fans vera thooooooooooo. By ThalaThalapathy fan da

  3. hai always big companys wil giv 1st place fr real acting heroes not 2 copycat actors exspecially 2 surya grt copy cat of many holywod actors , at 1st ask surya 2 act in his own n not 2 copy othrs n copying jetli in 7am arivu this is stupidyty


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