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New Delhi, May 7 : Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of playing vendetta politics by scrapping a proposed food park in his constituency Amethi.

Speaking in the Lok Sabha, Gandhi sought to remind Modi of his 2014 election speech in Amethi when he said that “he was not a practitioner of politics of revenge but one of change”.

“In this country, promises are important for politicians, specially those made by the prime minister,” Gandhi said.

He told Modi to remember his campaign promise now that the food park project was being cancelled.

“The food park project has been cancelled. The food park would make a huge difference to the lives of Amethi’s farmers… Please don’t cancel it,” Gandhi said.

Gandhi quoted farmers in Amethi as complaining that they sold a kilo of potatoes for Rs.2 but a pack of potato chips, worth only a rupee, cost Rs.10.

Gandhi said 40 factories were to come up in Amethi in Uttar Pradesh.

Taking a jibe at Modi, Gandhi referred to the prime minister’s gold-striped suit as he told the treasury benches: “I am not talking about suit but potato.”

Speaking to the media outside, Gandhi added the food park was “one of the most important projects” in Amethi and the surrounding districts because it gave farmers the “opportunity… to directly sell their produce and make much better money”.

“The prime minster had mentioned he is not going to do ‘badle ki rajneeti’ (politics of vendetta)… But silently the food park project is killed.”

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New Delhi, Dec 13 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan and other parliamentarians Saturday paid tribute to the soldiers who lost their lives during the deadly terror attack on the Parliament that took place Dec 13, 2001.

The attack had killed 14 people including five terrorists and six Delhi Police personnel.

Modi, Mahajan, Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj, former prime minister Manmohan Singh, BJP leader L.K. Advani and chairperson of the United Progressive Alliance Sonia Gandhi were among the others who offered floral tributes.

The prime minister also tweeted: “We salute martyrs who lost their lives protecting the Temple of our Democracy on this day in 2001. Their sacrifices are etched in our memory.”

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Shreya Ghosal
Shreya Ghoshal

Widely regarded as the neo-nightingale, songstress – Shreya Ghoshal, continues to be the first choice midst the best composers pan India. She recently joined us for an interview to share her experience with D Imman in Desingu Raja. The following is an excerpt from the interview.

Happy Shreya Ghoshal day and hearty congratulations Shreya!!! reviews for Raanjhanaa have been overwhelmingly positive. We also hear your K Town project – Desingu Raja has been confirmed for July 19th.

Thank you, I feel privileged to be honored by Governor Ted Strickland of Ohio, last year on June 26th  , marking today as Shreya Ghoshal day. Speaking of Raanjhanaa, I am so glad that Dhanush’s debut project in Bollywood has done extremely well. Now, I am eagerly looking forward to Desingu Raja.

So are we ! Well, a few weeks ago the tune – Ammadi Ammadi from Desingu Raja hit the stands. It was undoubtedly, a refreshing melody of recent times. Tell us about it.

It was a beautiful opportunity to be part of one of the best songs I have sung in my career. It is a tune so rich, nostalgic and yet so sensuous. All credit to the genius – Imman, I think this is by far the best song I have sung for him.

Wow, what do you have to say about someone as credible as Imman. He is surely among the best talents around.

He has his a unique touch to what he does. He is someone who can easily bridge the melodies from yesteryear legends and sounds of upcoming artists with ease. I think having spent his time with legendary composers he manages a beautiful blend of both worlds .

Well put.Likewise, we have always wondered how you manage to pull of singing in any Indian language with ease. Be it Malayalam ,Oriya, Bengali or Tamil, you easily come across as a linguistic genius.

Haha, thank you. I owe it all to my mom, who pushed me to speak Bengali in the first place, when other kids of my age sang English tunes. Of course, getting the diction right isn’t simple. I am blessed to have some amazing mentors .In this case thanks to Imman , who has been very forgiving.

Having sung innumerable songs across languages,do you have any favorites ?

Hmmm,I am usually called to sing soft melodies.Frankly speaking, I freak out when I am given loud songs. Even, at home with my friend and his piano, I often choose a soulful melody to improvise on.For me the foremost identity of a tune is its character and I enjoy sketching it my own way.

Sounds exciting,you know you have many admirers across the globe, who think you should try a hand at acting. What do you think about it?

I think acting is not easy. I get exhausted indulging in the subtleties of music. Above all that, I am pretty satisfied doing what I am best at.

So, before we wrap up, any message you want to share to your fans in particular?

To all my fans from India and abroad a big big Thank you. I have somehow managed to get the emotions right despite mistakes in your respective languages.It is only because you have accepted me as an entertainer, a performer,a singer.Thank you once again :)

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Mirchi Shiva

Mirchi Shiva who was part of Kalakalappu directed by Sundar C is all set to give his past director a run for his money as his project Thillu Mullu 2 – a remake of yesteryear hit, awaits its release today. We got close with the actor and here is what he had to tell us about the preparations he made before setting foot on the sets of Thillu Mullu 2 and a lot more.Here is an excerpt from the interview.

Hi Shiva, it is nice to have you here with us. Starting off, we would like to congratulate you on Thillu Mullu’s release today.How does it feel to step into the shoes of the iconic star of Tamil cinema.

Haha, first of all, a hi to all my viewers.Well the original project was from K Balachander Sir and Rajnikanth Sir.I met both of them and Kamal Haasan Sir too, who was also part of it in a cameo role. I hope I can live up my promises to them as more than aiming for a commercial entertainer I have given in my best shot.

Oh! nice to hear about your meetings! We are sure with their blessings you will have a good run at the box office. So, tell us how much effort did it take you to understand Rajni Sirs mannerisms?

Oh, that is a tough question. All I can say is that with Thillu Mullu 2, the setup is completely different. It is a reworked story. Much different from the original version which saw a release three decades earlier. For sure, I have been influenced by his mannerisms but I hope I have brought something original to the script keeping in mind the director’s vision.

Sounds promising, so tell us about your pretty co star Isha.

Oh yes, Isha is fun to be with. Although this is her debut, not many know that she has had a great debut in Malayalam recently. She doesn’t know Tamil at all, despite making hard efforts. Thanks, to our crew who had a good laugh teaching her Tamil she has promised me that she will learn Tamil by the time she signs her next project.

Haha,sounds like you had a great time pulling her leg. So Shiva, speaking about future projects, your fans would love to know about your upcoming projects too.

Oh yes, as many of them know I have Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi’s debut project – Vanakkam Chennai with Priya as my co star. Then there is Sonna Puriyadhu from Krishnan Jayaraj. Also, there is Ya Ya with Santhanam from director Rajasekaran.

So anything you want to tell your friends before we wrap up our session?

We have given in our best to bring out this project. I hope you would forget your worries when watching this movie. As I said, my aim was not just making a commercial entertainer, now it is your turn to support us, so be there for us. Thank you.

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Sundar C
Sundar C

Romantic entertainer – Theeya Velai Seyyanum Kumaru marks the 27th project in Sundar C’s career. Although his stint as an actor hasn’t done him much good he has worked on his strengths over the years alongside the likes of Kamal Haasan, Rajinikanth, Ajith and many other top names in the industry. Just like his last success Kalakalappu funded by wife Khusboo Sundar’s production house – Avni Cinemax, this one too is funded by her and features the likes of Siddarth, Hansika Motwani, Santhanam and Ganesh Venkatram. We recently met him for an interview, and here is a brief excerpt from the same.

Good morning Sir, congratulations on the release of Theeya Velai Seiyyanum Kumaru . We hear there is a handsome advance booking in a majority of the theaters. Do you think the title itself has helped your efforts too?

Well, that is what I intended and I am happy to see the response from fans. I have been very careful about my project and have disposed a fair amount for its promotions too. Although the title sounds funny, I am sure you will gradually figure out how well it suits the script eventually.

Sure sir! We have booked ourselves in for the evening show.However,we would love to hear more about your experiences with TVSK’s young and talented cast.

Well, Siddharth and Ganesh have really delivered to their best. We had a great time on the shoots. Ganesh was supposed to bring in his real life experiences as he has already worked for a software firm prior to entering movies. Likewise, Siddharth, brings a lot of energy to the unit. His mannerisms add so much more to the script. And of course Hansika has been at her top form as always.

Speaking of her, you must have heard many referring her as Junior Kushboo, what do you have to say about that?

Haha, well if some feel so, there must be reason behind it. If you ask me personally, though both are good looking, other than that, career wise I would say Hansika has a long way to go. Of course, she is a great performer and dedicated to her craft. I am sure she is determined to reach greater heights.

And what do you have to say about comedy superstar Santhanam. Will he be able to fill in Vadivelu’s shoes, who has always been your top pick midst comedians ?

I don’t think it is healthy to compare them. Santhanam is an artist who has his own style and so does Vadivelu. He is cast as Mokia and it is my promise that he will keep you entertained throughout with his antics. We have a great understanding and trust in each others commitments and suggestions, this being our third project together. He has been amazing with his contributions.

So do you have anymore upcoming projects at the moment?

Nothing has been finalized yet, but I am in the talks.

Anything you want to tell your fans, before you move on with your busy schedule?

Theeya Velai Seiyyanum Kumaru is not just a comedy commercial movie, there is more to it . A good script a great cast and of course some surprising appearances which I would leave you to discover for yourself. As you know more than 100 movies have released this year and I believe TVSK will make its place among the top.A family will enjoy coming to the theater and watching this movie. Do watch it, here is wishing you all a great time at the show.

Thank you Sir, we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

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Nazriya Nazim

Nazriya Nazim, is K town’s latest sweetheart. Although quite young compared to her contemporaries, it is her innocence that is addictive. Add to her charming persona, an equally supportive team of passionate filmmakers, the result – Alphonse Putharen’s directorial debut – Neram, featuring the gorgeous Nazriya alongside M town import – Nivin Pauly. We caught up with this teenage queen, as she shares with us her journey into Tamil films. Here is an excerpt from the interview.

Hi Nazriya! Neram is declared a hit in Malayalam, you must be expecting only better collections in Tamil, isn’t it?

Definitely!.Well, Neram releases today and I am so excited! Nevertheless, I am equally nervous about it too. :)

Your fans are expecting you to share a little more about your character in the movie.

Well, I play Veni in its Tamil version. It is about this simple girl, who falls for this software engineer, presently unemployed, played being Nivin. It is a racy subject and I am sure you would love a watch at the theaters.

We are sure your fans will make it a house full. We know, Nazriya, you have been part of Malayalam movies, so, how did a transition to Tamil happen?

As you rightly said, I have been part of a Malayalam movie as a child artiste and also as an actress in the following years. In addition, I have also hosted the popular game show, Star Singer for a while. Undoubtedly, it was a period which made me aware of the camera on a higher level as I had shoots almost every other day.Now in Tamil, I got an offer after my first association with Alphonse Sir for the music album Yuvvh.

Speaking about director Alphonse Putheran, you are collaborating with him for the second time. This time it gets bigger, it being his big screen debut project.

Exactly! He is an extra ordinary person. When, I heard Alphonse Sir was in it , I gave my word without thinking twice.He gave me my first break, through the music album. Even on the sets, he made sure everyone was extremely comfortable and a big reason for it too is his talent for narrating the script with utmost clarity.

Your association in Yuvvh, was met with a viral response, as it received 2 lakh hits within days of its release?

I am thankful to God for all this, I never expected such a response. We were very happy that a young team like ours, whose oldest member is maybe just 27, went on to become Sony music’s first Malayalam sign up.

Amazing!, so any new projects, lined up in K town?

I had signed Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah under Aascar Films, even before Neram. However, we are presently shooting for it. It is a love story from Aneesh Sir, where I am cast opposite Jai. Then there is, Nayaandi with Dhanush Sir, it being a full on comedy love story where I am a BDS doctor. And of course, there is Raaja Rani alongside Nayanthara ma’am, Arya and Jai which is an AR Murugadoss and Fox Star Studios production.

Some heavy names to our credit already, great going Nazriya. Would you love to share a few words to your fans, before we wrap up the session?

Thank you so much for your unending support. Do watch Neram, I hope everyone loves it.

Thank you for your time Nazriya we are looking forward to watching Neram later in the evening.Best of luck, for your star featured releases waiting in line.

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Happy times are here for Vimal
Happy times are here for Vimal

With Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga sustaining for more than 25 days at the box office, Vimal has found his niche in the industry. Known to his contemporaries as a soft spoken, shy and ever ready personality we met him recently for an interview.Here is an excerpt from the interview, which was originally in Tamil.

First of all Vimal, congratulations for the release of Moondru Per Moondru Kadal. The responses are quite good, so tell us about your other projects. How is the progress on that front?

Thank you very much for your compliments. As you know I am part of Amudhan Sir’s -Rendavathu Padam, I have a cameo in debutante director NV Ramkumar’s – Veyilodu Vilayadu, Desingu Raja, Netru Indru, and Karu Pazhaniappan ’s 6th movie – Jannal Oram.

Speaking of Jannal Oram, we hear it is a remake of the hugely successful Malayalam flick -Ordinary. You are part of this entertainer alongside Parthiban,Vidharth and Raman, do you think remaking is a good trend?

Well, I don;t think I am the right one to answer that, but as an actor I do believe in the power of a good script.A good story is a good story irrespective of any language.

Well said, you have a point there. So, what is Jannal Oram about, could you hint us a bit on your role?

It is based off a journey to Pannaikadu, a village on the higher mountains. Yes, it is the remake of Malayalam movie Ordinary. Music for the movie is by Vidhyasagar ji. My role is that of a conductor and Parthiepan is the driver of our bus.

Sounds adventurous! as you mentioned a few moments ago, you have been open to work with debutante directors such as NV Ramkumar for Veyilodu Vilayadu. Any other projects that we missed out on?

I am actually part of three projects with debutantes. As of now, I am part of Manja Pai, Nee Ellam Nalla Varuvai, Anjalai,Pulivaal and Bangalore Thamizhan.

Wow! that is eight movies for the year to complete. You must be really low on time, but we can’t leave without knowing how you feel about your pals from Koothu p pattarai, sponging all the attention literally?

Haha, I am so happy for Sivakarthikeyan, Vijay Sethupathy, Vidharth and Mirchi Siva, apart from looking at it from a competitive angle, all of us are working towards our dreams. It feels so good, when your friends are with you on the journey.

Oh yes, it is a great feeling. Any secrets for the aspiring actor, after all, if all goes according to plan you might even complete 10 movies for this year alone!!! 

Stay connected, stay approachable, communication is the key. Above all it is the good blessings that count.

Certainly, so is there any role this god fearing Vimal hopes to do in the coming times?

Hmmm, maybe a negative character, if it comes my way :) Haha…

Thank you for your time Vimal, we are sure your example of friendship, dedication and multitasking will take you on a long standing journey in Kollywood. Wishing you all the best once again.


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Priya Anand
Priya Anand

After having proved her worth being the face of major adverts Priya Anand kicked off her career in 2009 with Vaamanan. Some months later her urge to assist Shankar Sir as an assistant director, saw her in Chennai ending up as a model and subsequently signing up for projects that she never dreamed off. We spoke to this angel faced beauty on her upcoming release Ethir Neechal. Here is an excerpt from the interview.

Priya you have Soodhu Kavvum and Moondru Per Moondru Kadhal waiting to challenge you at the box office.

I am aware that these movies have great performers on board, but it would not be nice to compare them as every script is different. I think we have put in our best as a team, and there are no regrets. We are just staying positive and hoping the best is yet to come.

You have a point there. Well, be it Kollywood, Bollywood or Tollywood, do you think for an actress getting intimate and doing raunchy hot scenes is necessary?

Well, I think for a performer communicating her emotions should be the sole purpose. Why should real life and reel life be seen differently? I have been part of intimate sequences, yet those were not supposed to be vulgar in the first place. I think it should not be seen as a problem.

Well said, do you think, you have been stereotyped being offered roles which resemble young and chirpy characters?

The fact is that I am much like that in real life and think it is the reason directors love to choose me for such roles. However, I think I have always stuck to being natural and less melodramatic in my appearances. Be it my role in Ethir Neechal or Vanakkam Chennai.

Speaking of Ethir Neechal, tell us a bit about your character.

I play Geeta miss an English teacher. She is a level headed persona. So, when this role came to me I was all ready for it. But as time passed, I realized how hard it must have been for my teachers to handle a hyperactive kid like me. Nevertheless, I had a blast shooting with children.

Sometimes being a part of the kid gang is fun. So, what does Priya Anand think of her partner in crime Shiva?

He is a versatile actor and plays Harish in the movie. Let me warn all those who said Shiva is just good for comedy. I bet you will rethink as his efforts will showcase an unseen side of him.

We are looking forward to his performance. We figure, unlike many of your contemporaries you are absent from the party scene and prefer hanging with your close circle of friends. You seem to be much focused on your professional expectations.

Well, I hope Dhanush really likes the audience response and gives me a congratulatory call as Ethir Neechal releases.

We are sure you will receive that ‘success call’ soon. Thanks for your time Priya.

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Anirudh Ravichander
Anirudh Ravichander

Composer and successful singer Anirudh Ravichander once again hit headlines recently as his Ethir Neechal Theme Music – Rise against the tide, received a good response from fans worldwide. Now that his job is done, he hopes to see Dhanush’s maiden production hit the mark of success at theaters all across the state and outside. We spoke to this promising lad and here is an excerpt from the interview.

First of all, congratulations for the success of Ethir Neechal Theme Music and the album.We loved those tunes.

Thank you.

Hi Anirudh, there is only a day to go for Dhanush’s maiden production venture to hit the screens !

I am a little nervous, but am sure it will emerge a winner.

Sure thing, we know that after Kolaveri, there are so many looking forward to what comes out of the Anirudh camp. Time and again you have surprised them. How do you manage to come up with thumping numbers time and again.

Initially, as I was composing for 3, I never felt that it would become so huge. You know, everyone wants to achieve that success at that age.

You were just 19 then, right?

Yes, I hope I have been able to give the audience a different taste with the my music in Ethir Neechal and Vanakkam Chennai.

Speaking of Vanakkam Chennai, how has the progress been on that project?

It is going great, I have made new friends with this amazing team. The shoots are near conclusion.

Great!, you know, no matter how hard we try to stay away from revisiting your Kolaveri di days success, it is bound to make it to the list. Tell us a little about the R&B cover version of Why this Kolaveri di which has been a rage among your fans.

Well, actually that version is in discussion these days as Arjun Coomaraswamy from London is going to perform a track in Vanakkam Chennai. Arjun did the above mentioned R&B cover version and that is how we met. You should check out his other tunes.

Nice. So moving a bit away from your behind the scenes collaborations, we hear you are finally stepping in front of the camera for a project with director Vignesh of Podaa Podi fame?

Yes, director Vignesh Shiva approached me with a character much close to my natural self. I thought why not, after all I have a chance to explore something new.

Wow, we are waiting to see you take stage, we wonder how much of your personal life will be part of that character.

Haha, I am sure there will be enough to keep you glued.

So before we wrap up, we would love to hear a little more on your female co star. Who do you think should be on board?

It is my debut, I am not thinking about anyone right now. I would be lucky if someone agrees to act!

Oh come on, there must be someone.

I always loved Sushmita Sen’s on screen presence but am sure she won’t agree on that ! Haha.

Thank you Anirudh for your time, here is wishing you all the best for Ethir Neechal which is releasing thisweek and many more projects that promise to follow your successful run.

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Ashrita Shetty
Ashrita Shetty

Five time national award winner Vetrimaran noticed Ashrita Shetty as she was a regular feature in Chennai Times and other dailies. Winner of the Times Fresh Face contest in Mumbai and at its subsequent national level finals she is the face of the cosmetic brand Clean & Clear. Those advertisements gained her a place in Vetrimaran upcoming feature, thanks to her naive looks and a girl next door image. Her movie Udhayam NH4 releases in theaters worldwide tomorrow. We  met Ashrita Shetty for an interview, here is an excerpt from the same.

Hi Ashrita, you look stunning in this designer wear. So, let us start off by you telling us about your role in Udhayam NH4.

Thank you, I play Rithika in Udhayam NH 4. It is my debut and I am glad that Vetrimaran Sir chose me to be part of a great project. The script of this movie also revolves around Rithika who is almost close to my real life image of a chirpy, innocent college going girl.

From what we hear, Udhayam is a romantic thriller, what part of the shoots excited you?

Yes, there is action, romance and a bit of drama but overall it is a very subtle movie. The whole experience was enriching . You know I am the only one without an award on the sets,haha. However, speaking of my favorite part, I would say I loved filming for the action sequences. I could easily relate to my character but falling in love with the guy was a little different.

Did you mean it was a bit difficult for you?

Well, I think I am too young for that and have not yet experienced it. Apart from that, the dialogues were difficult as I was a bit nervous. But once we were over with the first schedule, I started understanding Tamil . In fact, the emotional scenes were the toughest to get hold of as Vetri Sir was very particular that he wanted me to think about sad things and cry for real. I hope it has come out well.

We are sure it must have. How was it working alongside Siddharth.

Siddharth is very supportive and had no tantrums. He is an established actor and has being patient with my mistakes. He was instrumental in instilling confidence, time and again as a good friend. I am so lucky to be part of a movie with him.

Wow, he must be glad when he read that. We head, before choosing this project you had a few B town that you turned down, is it true?

Yes, a couple of them, I think because of the huge competition there is a lot of indecent exposure in the movies that have been releasing lately, which I don’t approve of. Apart from that, in South people are more professional and disciplined, I have a good feeling about South.

Does that mean you are strictly against glamorous roles in Bollywood alone?

Presently, I would prefer a Tamil or Telugu movie.

So, who is favorite down South?

Surya and Dhanush

That was quick! so your favorite song from Udhayam?

I had a ball dancing in Indrodu Thadaigal but I would say Maalai Pon Maalai and Yaaro Ivan, will also make it to that list. A big thanks to GV Prakash for his tunes.

Indeed, amazing tunes. Anything you want to tell your fans, before we wrap up?

Udhayam NH4 is a definite entertainer. As you know it is my debut, your support means a lot to me and my team. I hope to see you at the theaters, thank you, this is Ashrita signing off.


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Hailed as the ‘Queen of Kollywood’, Tamannaah already has over 27 projects to her name . Making her way in with a debut in Bollywood’s – Chand Sa Roshan Chehra (2005), she made a comeback to her Bollywood appearance after a gap of 8 long years.Courtesy Sajid Khan’s remake of the 1983, Sridevi feature – Himmatwala. Yet Tammu has to deliver the 100 crore hit in B town. We caught up with her recently, this is what she had to say on her journey and future projects. Here is an excerpt from the interview.

Hi Tamannah you like gorgeous like a doll.

Thank you, how have you been?

We have been good, so let us start off by asking you on your journey, which started off with a filmbiz entry, when you were barely 14!Soon we know, a year later, Fair and Lovely wanted you on their campaign! It looks like your family has been supportive of your choices since a young age?

Yes, they have always been there whenever I needed them the most. I owe my success equally to my school teacher.She was the first one to recommend me for my debut project.So a big thanks to her for introducing me to a new world.

So lovely that you mentioned about her. Well, reports flowing in indicate the box office collections for Himmatwalla are around Rs 31 crores , does it bother you that it could not reach the predicted target of 100 crore?

That is good news, and I think the movie will go on to do good business. I don’t think it is right to judge the efforts with regards to the financial profits. Every project is unpredictable, and  all we can do as performers is to do our job well, the rest is up to the viewers. I am happy we are presently leading the box office.

Oh yes, you are! So, now that you have been part of Telugu, Tamil and Hindi projects, you are among the few in the industry who could tell us about what differentiated them.

I struggle initially down south, as it took time to understand Telugu and Tamil. In my experience, Telugu movies are very melodramatic, much like the 80’s in Hindi cinema. However, the present scenario in Hindi and Tamil are much realistic. As for Hindi there are more women-centric roles coming up. I think, Tamil cinema is best when it comes to rural themes and creating the best mix of commercial yet experimental entertainers.

Oh, wonderful to know that! Do you think Tamil cinema has also been looked upon  as a platform for actresses – to access the highway to Bollywood?

I don’t think it is appropriate to say that, as all I really looked forward with my efforts was a promise to deliver the best, be it any industry. Of course after Bollywood, south has the most viewership, so it is a major attraction for any actor.

So, after you initial B town debut in 2005 why did you never opt for the projects that came your way till 2013?

In South I had better projects with A list actors. I found people accepted me here and did not want to steer away from the attention at all. In fact, I still am part of several projects in Tamil and Telugu. But, as I was offered to be part of a movie with an actor in Bollywood, who has been in the industry for around 20 years, I thought why not give it a try?

Well justified. We notice that your love for commercial movies continues, could you tell us about your upcoming projects down South?

I have a project with Ajith Sir directed by Siva. Then there is Thadaka in Telugu and yet another project in Hindi.

A word for your fans?

Thank you for being with me throughout my journey. I know from your mails, that a lot of you missed me. I will soon return with my next project with Ajith Sir produced by Vijaya Productions. I hope you will continue to support me as always, thanks.